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September 1, 2019

Kananaskis Elbow Lake Trail Hike

One of the things we wanted to do more this summer was to explore different hiking trails. Our kids are getting a bit older (7&11) so going on adventure walks by the campsite isn’t cutting it anymore.

We were in Kananaskis and one of the very helpful park staff members suggested Elbow Lake. If you’re ever in Kananaskis we highly recommend you stop by the information center. It has a pretty good little (FREE) museum and the staff there are fantastic at suggesting things that suit your family.

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May 11, 2017

Day Hike At Chickakoo Lake

Chickakoo Lake Day Trip

This past weekend I took the family about 30 minutes west of Edmonton for a day hike to Chickakoo Lake. (Okay so maybe it was more of a walk). We went for a short trail and a little play before we had to make it back for my husband to work on some stuff.

But before I get into the details of this place and our trip I want to take you down my memory lane a little bit. When I was about 6 my parents divorced. Since my father was a long distance truck driver we got to see him about every second weekend. I feel so lucky though that he sure made those weekends count and we created memories. One of my fond memories is him taking us to Chickakoo Lake. We went summers for bike rides and winters for cross country skiing.

Last week I decided our family needed to get out of the house and into some nature, away from work and screens and other distractions.  I called up my Dad too and as we were walking this weekend we shared stories with my husband and girls from our trips when I was a kid. *Insert big AWWWWWWWW’s here*

Since this destination is a short drive from Highway 16 (1228 Township Road 535) it makes it a great stopping point for anyone travelling through Edmonton to head onto somewhere else that needs to give the kids a bit of run around time.

There are three trail ratings of Novice, Intermediate and  Advanced with a few different options for both. You can branch off from one trail to another to make it shorter/longer or easier/harder. Luckily they are pretty well marked so you don’t get lost!

Off the dock or from a side shore you can do some fishing for some trout as well. It’s sport fishing of catch and release only though, so no keeping the fish!

Additionally there are many picnic benches (even a large covered section for big family gatherings) and a small park for the kids to play, making this a great day adventure as well. So pack a lunch, the tackle box and some water and spend the day outside!


The Bitchin' Housewife

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April 27, 2019

Get Outside and Walk

Walk anyone?

We recently shared a blog about Edmonton’s River Valley being the best running spot in Canada.

Now, maybe you don’t run but what about a walk?

I’ve been making a habit of going for a walk with a friend every weekend I can. Alberta is an hiking, walking, running playground. We’ve even got some suggestions for you here.

Here’s why I head outside – with a friend!

  • Ummm nature is beautiful.
  • Sunshine and fresh air are good for you!
  • Exercise! Walking will lower your risk of heart disease and stroke – Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada  
  • I sleep better – probably both the fresh air and the exercise!
  • It’s FREE….well, we do usually buy a cup of joe to take with us.
  • It is good for my emotional well being. We spend the whole time talking, venting, catching up – it feels like a form of therapy.

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The Importance of Getting Away

Skoki Lodge
Sometimes you just have to get away from it all. As we all know, being a mom can simply be exhausting. The physical and mental load can take its toll. Everyone needs a break from time to time. I’m a firm believer that you can not take care of others unless you are also taking care of yourself.

A few years ago, when my kiddo was only a toddler, I did it. I left for some me time.

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September 5, 2018

Exploring Hard Luck Canyon

September might be here, but don’t despair my fellow Adventurers! Fall is a great time to get out and explore our gorgeous province. This weekend we did just that and checked out Hard Luck Canyon by Whitecourt. The area gets a lot of attention for the Rotary Park River Slides (which is pretty cool), but our entire group was so impressed with the accessibility and absolute beauty of this little gem.

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July 18, 2018

Escape to Pigeon Lake this Summer (without the kids)!

Village at Pigeon Lake

Looking for a nice little escape (without the kids) this summer? Take the hubby on a date weekend or pick up the girlfriends and head to Pigeon Lake! I spent a blissful few days here earlier in the summer and I was really impressed with all there is to do in the area. Pigeon Lake is kid friendly too, but by this point in the summer you might be itching for a little adult break…. am I right?

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The Alberta Wilderness Association Caribou Flag Project

We’re the Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) and we’d like to say “thanks!” Specifically, thanks to Alberta Mamas and Bella Maas for making us a part of their July fundraising collaboration.

AWA is one of Alberta’s oldest conservation organizations, founded in 1965 around a kitchen table in Pincher Creek. Since then our goal has been to raise awareness and inspire people to care about the protection of Alberta’s wildlife and wild spaces. In addition to our day-to-day conservation efforts we host talks, offer hikes, and hold fundraising events like the Climb for Wilderness and Wild West Saloon.

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June 20, 2018

Campground Review: Long Lake Provincial Park

Long Lake Campground Review

As a camping family we like to try as many new campgrounds as possible each season. Sometimes, we go for the old favourites or the ones that have group availability- but my favourite thing to do is explore new places to camp. This past Father’s Day weekend we stayed at Long Lake Provincial Park, a first for us. A few years ago, on my way home from North Buck Lake Provincial Recreation Area, I drove through Long Lake Campground to check it out and it seemed lovely, so I was excited to finally try it out!

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