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February 2, 2019

Who doesn’t love a good snack?

Did you know February is National Snack Food Month?

When we saw this we got to thinking about snacks we haven’t had since we were kids. Snacks nowadays usually consist of something to do with cheese or bread with us. Snacks like nachos, crackers and cheese, chocolate, and usually some vino to accompany it. 

Let’s take a trip down snack time memory lane! 

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February 1, 2019

Farewell to Our First Home

We recently sold our first home. It was one of those experiences that was so bittersweet and emotional. It was the perfect house, in the perfect neighbourhood. It was our first major purchase together. We were childless, but a home suddenly made us feel like a tiny family. It was where we eventually brought our three babies home. Where we celebrated promotions and pregnancies. Where we grieved over the passing of my husband’s father and the injustices of the world. It was the respite at the end of the long day.

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The Importance of Getting Away

Skoki Lodge
Sometimes you just have to get away from it all. As we all know, being a mom can simply be exhausting. The physical and mental load can take its toll. Everyone needs a break from time to time. I’m a firm believer that you can not take care of others unless you are also taking care of yourself.

A few years ago, when my kiddo was only a toddler, I did it. I left for some me time.

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January 28, 2019

6 Meal Planning Hacks for People Who Hate Meal Planning

So the whole meal planning deal is just not something that I am not especially good at or enjoy. My reasons are: I like cooking on the fly and being adaptable, sometimes it’s just not a good day for soup, or salad, or tacos (wait, it’s always a good day for tacos), I can be really cheap, and I can also be really lazy or busy so some days we just eat Tim Horton’s Chili or Lipton Noodle Soup. In spite of those reasons, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve which make me feel proud – they are healthy, save money, save time, and prevent waste but don’t require me to be overly organized or stick to plans.

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January 27, 2019

How I’m Coping with Grief and Injustice

The past year and a half since my 5-month-old nephew was killed when his house was set on fire has been the most difficult I’ve experienced.

Before this, I’d only grieved loved ones who had died from natural causes. The journey of grief is long and difficult. Time helps a bit, of course, but you never know what will trigger a memory, and that pang of emptiness springs up again.

But with Hunter’s death, there’s the whole other side. The criminal injustice side. When 2 individuals were arrested shortly after the fire, there was a sense of relief. Something would be done. Then, charges were dropped. More charges were dropped. Then we were told that the remaining charges against this one individual would likely result in very little jail time, and a few years of probation. The only voice we had was through our Victim Impact Statements, which we waited to read in court. 3 times, the court hearing was postponed from the original date set in July until we finally read them in court in December. This sentencing hearing did not result in a sentence as the judge wanted more time to deliberate, so the outcome wasn’t decided upon until a few days ago.

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January 26, 2019

SkirtsAfire Festival is coming to YEG!

SkirtsAfire Festival in Edmonton is self-described as “diverse and daring”. When you visit the festival be prepared to be immersed in powerful, beautiful, engaging performances, exhibits and workshops in Theatre, Poetry, Spoken Word, Design, Art, Dance, Cabaret, Music, Comedy, Yoga, and more.

We have taken in their 2017 & 2018 MainStage Productions. In 2018, The Romeo Initiative, written by Trina Davies was half romantic comedy, half spy thriller, and all entertainment.

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January 25, 2019

Can I Stay in the Home After We Break Up?

As a mom in Alberta, and when it comes to the law and your rights or entitlements; and that of your children, ignorance is certainly not bliss. Rather, as Ralph B. Perry, once said:

Ignorance deprives people of freedom because they do not know what alternatives there are. It is impossible to choose to do what one has never heard of.     

It is important to educate yourself on what your rights and entitlements are under family law, whether or not you decide to stay in a relationship that is ailing. Knowledge empowers you, and it allows you to make informed decisions.

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