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Fort Saskatchewan Event – Spark The Energy Credit Union Grand Opening

The first thing I asked myself is – What the heck is Spark The Energy Credit Union?

Here is a snippet from their About Us Page to give you an idea:

“Originally founded in 1953 as a credit union for employees of Shell Canada.
As the energy industry evolved, so did the credit union. On June 13, 2018, the membership approved to change the name from Shell Employees’ Credit Union to SPARK The Energy Credit Union to signal our opening to the people of the energy industry at large – no matter if you’re an employee, contractor, or consultant.”

They’re not just like any other financial institution – they’re for Albertans, by Albertans and they have the financial products, advice, service, and understanding to help you and your family thrive financially. 

And they’re opening a Credit Union branch in Fort Saskatchewan to do just that! 

The Grand Opening provides you with an opportunity to check it out AND have a little family fun!


When: July 26, 2019; from 10 to 2 pm


  • Special SPARK gift bags for first 50 attendees 
  • Door prizes
  • FREE treats from the Tiny Tim’s mini-donut food trucks
  • Face painting & balloon animals 
  • Mix 107.9 will be live on location 
  • Grand Opening Giveaway of a Family 2019 Seasonal Membership to Jurassic Forest  

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October 23, 2017

Mama Mindfulness: Behind the Wheel with Ford Canada

Mindfulness while driving

Ford Canada

Driving can be stressful, especially when you are a mom with those little ones in the backseat! We were lucky enough to be invited to an event last night with Ford Canada to learn how to get blissful behind the wheel and I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks with you: the mom who sometimes feels like a bus driver or chauffeur. Every. Single. Day.

Find your bliss behind the wheel

First, I need to tell you about a really cool feature in the new Ford lineup that will seriously take some of the stress away from your time in the car. It’s called SYNC 3 and it is your phone, navigation, talk to text, music, and connection to Siri all in one. The best part? it is almost completely hands-free! You can talk to text your husband and ask him to pick up dinner when you are stuck in traffic, order those flowers for your friend’s birthday by asking Siri to call your local flower shop and find out the weather forecast…. all in seconds through Ford’s SYNC 3 system. It’s basically genius for us multi-tasking moms; while keeping safety in mind through voice-activated commands.

Mindfulness while driving

Tips for Finding Your Bliss Behind the Wheel

Jennifer Neilson, a local yoga and mindfulness expert at, says that you can be calm & feel relaxed even in the worst traffic conditions by following some of these tips:

  • Start by paying attention to your posture. Are you sitting up properly? Do you need to adjust the seat or mirrors? Sit as far back into the seat as possible, with your head, ribs, and pelvis in one line. If you have heated seats or are lucky enough to have massaging seats, use them!

Ford Canada

  • Next, take some relaxing belly breaths before you even put the car into drive. Put your hands on your belly and take some deep breaths while feeling your belly expand. This diaphragm breathing actually stimulates a calming response in your body. Practice this at red lights too.

Ford Canada

  • Do a little stretching with that steering wheel. Try a modified Cat Cow (yoga speak for curving and elongating the spine with the breath). Grip the wheel and round your back with your chin tucked down while you breathe out for a few breaths then while exhaling push your chest towards the steering wheel and feel that nice stretch.

Ford Canada

  • Has anyone hurt their neck and back just by shoulder checking? Yup, I have and it is the worst! Prevent this by inhaling, sitting up tall and exhaling as you look over your left shoulder. Count 3 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Ford Canada

  • Don’t forget about the music! Create a zen playlist that calms you and makes you feel at peace with the road. Hopefully, your kids will let you listen to it, this one we can’t help you with!

How do you stay blissful behind the wheel? We would love to hear your tips!

Every Day Girl

Thanks Ford Canada for inviting us to this event to learn some great features in the 2017 vehicles along with these handy wellness tips!



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June 18, 2017

International Yoga Day In Edmonton

June 21st is International Yoga Day!

As the resident hippie of Alberta Mamas I want to share where you can get your Yoga On in celebration of summer solstice and International Yoga Day in Edmonton. If the 21st doesn’t work for you, there are a few events happening all week celebrating it.

International Yoga Day June 21st


Embrace the Goddess – June 20th 7-9pm

Held downtown at Aurora Yoga and Spa a yoga and meditation with essential oils. Tickets purchased through the event page.


The CommUNITY Classes – June 21st 6-7 pm

A weekly FREE yoga class held inside the Thrive studio at the Mosaic Centre.


Sunrise Solstice Namaskar – June 21st 6- 7:30 am

Held in Hawerlak Park first thing in the morning with a live DJ from the It’s Time To Bloom people. This event is hosted by Sattva Yoga. This is a FREE event.


Community For A Cause: Yoga In The Park June 21st 5-9pm

Held in Spruce Grove by Be Free Yoga, all money raised goes to bringing yoga and meditation to those struggling with mental illness. Vendor shopping and the practice is from 7-8pm. Tickets can be purchased through the event.


Summer Solstice: Women’s Circle + Mini Ritual June 21st 3-4:30pm

Held online by She Collective so you can participate wherever you are. Tickets can be purchased through the event.


Family Friendly International Yoga Day and Aboriginal Day June 21st 6-8:30pm

A celebration of both yoga and Aboriginal Day with lots of activities for everyone and a chance to support of community here in our city.


Summer Solstice By Donation Class June 23rd 7:30-9:30 pm

Held at Above Average Yoga with donation to the food bank with either food or cash.


Family Friendly International Yoga Day Celebration June 24th 12-5pm

Food trucks, face painters, henna, prizes and music. Good for the whole family fun hosted by Lahari in St. Albert. This event if FREE.



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