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October 2, 2019

Behind The Lady With The Camera

Dear Mommy,

You told me today that we were having family photos and I needed to dress nice, but when we got there you stood behind the lady making funny faces while everyone looked at me and giggled.

I wondered why everyone was staring at me. You looked so pretty Mom. You still had that tattoo I drew on you earlier, and your hair was a bit tussled from when you tickled me and I squealed with delight. We had a great day. I won’t remember it though because you stood behind the lady taking pictures.

When we got the photos you were so excited. You told me how cute I looked and how big I was getting. I asked to see the photos but they were all of me. I see me all the time, I wanted to see you.

I wanted to see your face when my tiny hands brought you flowers for the first time. I wanted to see your smile as we looked at each other. I wanted to see us holding hands. Mommy? I asked. But you weren’t in the photos, because you stood behind the lady taking pictures.

It’s years later and I’m growing up. I’m packing my things for my new house and you ask me to go through the family photos to see if I want to display any in my new home. I sort through hundreds, if not thousands of photos of me. Not finding any of you. I pass on the photos as it’s kind of odd to display your own baby photos in your home. I would have framed and hung photos of us from my childhood but there aren’t any, because you stood behind the lady taking pictures.

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July 4, 2017

3 Photo Apps for Busy Families

Your phone has a couple of duties, but seriously, we all know it’s primary use for taking pictures of our kids. It’s so convenient to pull the device that we just used to text our friends and then, instant photoshoot.

Children, you better work.


First things first before your start, clean your lens. You don’t need anything fancy but get into the habit of wiping the lens of your phone on your shirt every now and again, otherwise, your images will look “foggy” and not crisp. This is especially true if your child has been on your phone lately, there might be cheerio remanents or boogers.

Once you’ve cleaned your lens, and taken your pictures, here are 3 apps to bring your paparazzi skills to the next level.

Here is the original image. It’s nothing fancy but is a typical kid photo (my daughter at the Devonian Gardens this spring looking for frogs).

Original Picture

Here are 3 different apps and three different looks for this photo.

A Color Story

Free App with paid options, available on iTunes and Google Play

Literally, my favourite app,  I use it daily for brightening images or using filters to make them better or adding colour for a little something different. The free version includes lots of filters and you really don’t need more than what they give you. Color Fog is pretty fun, for this image I’ve added the white fog.

Using the colour fog effect from A Color Story


Free in iTunes and Google Play.

If you’re feeling fancy and want to take on something a little more technical, try VSCO. You can take a photo right in this app rather than taking a picture on your camera and then upload it. The filters in this app are more refined than that of A Color Story, and can be modified to suit your “look.” There is also a very active VSCO community of photographers, and if you’re looking for where your teen is posting pictures lately, you might want to check there.

Edited with VSCO


Free but with paid options on iTunes.

Turn your kid into an inspirational quote with this app. Over is an older app that has really upped it’s game and added lots of different combinations. Similar to an app called WordSwag, but if you’ve now seen one WordSwag generated quote, you’ve seen them all. Lots of great functionality and many different modern fonts and combinations, this app get’s a geeky mommy two thumbs up. You can even use this app to create images for birthday invites or thank you cards, and look like a genius.