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Snow Valley

In Edmonton, Explore on
July 4, 2019

Snow Valley Aerial Park

The day after the best camping trip ever at Rainbow Valley Campground with Arrkann we met with our families at the Rainbow Valley Aerial Park.

Climb to the top (if you dare) and you’ll get a birdseye view of Edmonton from one of the coolest outdoor parks in Edmonton. Rainbow Valley Aerial Park opened in 2016 and includes a mix of challenging all that God gave you in terms of core muscles (mine = zero), balance and good humour.

The safety gear

The Details

There are two price points; an online price and a “walk-up” price:

Walk Up Rate Online Rate
OVER 140CM (+ 4′ 7″) tall
$42.00 $37.00
UNDER 140CM (- 4′ 7″) tall
$29.00 $24.00
Up to 5 people
$134.00 $119.00

Kids under 140cm must be accompanied by an adult the entire time.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • Everyone is given a lesson on safety before they start. The lesson takes about 15 mins. This is important because the Snow Valley Aerial Park uses a special “Clic-It” system to keep you safe.
  • You are strapped in the entire time. It’s like rock climbing, if you fall, that’s OK (it’s almost fun).
  • There are different levels from little kid level to “you are an absolute rock star” level at the top of the park.
  • The higher you go, the better it gets. When you get to the harder level there are caravans, bikes, picnic tables. It’s the best.

My Thoughts

This isn’t a cheap afternoon out, but, it was insanely fun. But again the cost……knowing my kids I’m glad my kids were older doing this for the first time. They know their limits and felt comfortable testing them. If my kids where younger, they wouldn’t know their boundaries like they do now. Again…every kid is different. There were kids on the course that were younger than mine and they were leaping heads and feet over everyone. They had no fear whatsoever which was amazing. If you want to get a deal, the rate drops to $25  when you book to start less than 3 hours before closing.

The Snow Valley Aerial Park is awesome for testing your skills and seeing your kids surprise themselves. The views from the top are fantastic and I think it’s a great place to test your limits (in a safe way).

In Edmonton, Explore on
July 11, 2017

Snow Valley Aerial Park

This past weekend the kids and I decided to give the new Snow Valley Aerial Park a test climb. We didn’t know what to expect and this mama (who’s afraid of heights) was super nervous.

We pre-booked our time slot online (saving $3 per person in doing so) and arrived 30 minutes early. The time is used to put on all your safety gear and go through instructions on how to attach your harness to the system. The harnesses are sturdy, and knowing that there is no way to ever detach, put me somewhat at ease. Both my seven and ten year olds were tall enough to go on the entire system (accompanied by an adult).

Once we received all our instructions we ventured to the second level then quickly realized we were terrified and went down to the first level. There we did almost all the obstacles. Each one has a difficulty rating of green, blue or black. We stuck to the greens, and when we felt extra adventurous, tried the blues. We walked across tires, wires, a ladder, skateboards, and the list goes on. We eventually went up to the second level again, only to realize it was still too high and went back down.

I stayed close to my seven year old as I needed to attach his harness to the wires along the way. We would discuss each obstacle to make sure I was up to the challenge if he needed help. This was a good team approach, my child taking care of me. Meanwhile my ten year old ventured off on her own.

We all enjoyed the course more than expected. It’s a good work out for the mamas, and pushes boundaries. It’s the perfect place to go as a family, everyone from age 3 years and up will find the course challenging and rewarding.

“Mama, I had so much fun, when can we go back?”


We never did go up past the second level, but we will be back and if we are feeling extra adventurous, we might go to level three to see the view, then quickly back down again.

The kids are already asking when we can go back and if they can have their birthday parties there. It’s not a cheap outing (though there is a family discount) but definitely worth going. It’s the perfect place to take visiting family and friends, even the dads and teens will get an adrenalin rush.

And for the little ones, there is a kids course which is on the main level. We didn’t go on that course, but it was full of small kids having a blast.