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10 Date Night In Ideas

Let’s be honest. Some times as a parent you’re too bagged from the day to go out – or you just don’t want to spend money on a sitter.

But we’ve all seen the studies, the books, heard the day time talk show experts talk about the importance of keeping things fun and interesting in a relationship. That we should keep “dating our partners”. In fact, if you check out Alberta Mama founder Deanne’s Instagram you’ll see a testament to the awesomeness of the “Cocktail Monday” she has with her husband every week. And they’ve been happily married, with 2 kids, for over 10 years, and they’re beyond cute.

So let’s look at some of my favourite idea’s for date night in.

  1. Do you and your partner enjoy fancy drinks? If so, do like Deanne and her hubby does. They take turns creating a new cocktail each week for the other to try after the kids go to bed. Maybe it’ll be yummy, maybe not but you get creative and have some laughs.
  2. Netflix & chill – yes, yes, I know what it means to the younger generation. 😉 For my Husband and I we get recommendations from friends, grab some treats and binge watch one series or another. We talk about it the next day, even sometimes texting our predictions during the day for what will happen next. I often can’t wait to cuddle up on the couch and keep watching. And then the mourning period following watching that last episode.
  3. Play a board game! We found this great list on Pinterest of 20 Two Player Board Games.
  4. Along a similar line to Cocktail Night, plan a themed night! For example throw on Chocolat and get out the fondue! Maybe take turns planning it, you pick a movie you like one time and plan the night and then switch.
  5. You might not be able to go out, but you can still dress up fancy for dinner AND save time by ordering in from Skip the Dishes or UberEats.
  6. If it’s a really special occasion and you have the means, a lot of bigger cities offer in home massage – plan a couples massage night!
  7. In the Summer, another fantastic idea from awesome Alberta Mama Deanne, along the same lines of chilling watching TV but outside. Create an outdoor oasis with comfy chairs, blanket, patio lights, maybe an outdoor heater if you need and your laptop to watch your show on. Boom, you’re transported to a little bit of heaven right outside your door – still within hearing distance of your kids.
  8. Try this Truth or Dare printable date night game we found on Pinterest.
  9. Or if you want something more active, this DIY Nerf Gun Game.
  10. This one is great for conversation and laughs – the game of Would You Rather. Maybe add some wine.

How do you like to spend special one on one time with your significant other?

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