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25 Indoor Kid Activities

Stuck inside because of the weather, or just want some ideas of things to do with your little ones in the house? Below is a list of some basic, silly, some unorthodox ideas that don’t involve any screens.

  1. Read books together. Make up different voices. Ask questions while you’re reading.
  2. Write a story together. Draw and colour pictures for your story if you wish.
  3. Build a fort out of cushions, blankets, towels. If you have a tent, you could set that up. They sell fort building kits that are like giant tiddlywinks, and then you could throw a sheet on top of that. If you have play tubes, that adds even more fun.
  4. Do puppet shows for each other. You don’t need a theater, can just pop up from behind the couch. Use stuffed animals or toys, buy puppets, or make your own out of socks.
  5. Playdoh or clay. Can buy playdoh toys, or use kitchen items like cookie cutters, spoons, and straws.
  6. Cleaning. Kids like helping. Let them throw the clothes in the washer and drier. Let them try helping you to fold clothes, or carry clothes to their spot. Make a game of organizing or cleaning up toys. Let them help you declutter by getting them to pick out their favorite books and toys, and store away the rest.
  7. String. Play with a bunch of cut up string or yarn of various lengths. They have fun wrapping it around things, pulling their toys around, blocking doorways, rescue scenarios. There is a no wrapping rule though, they can’t wrap it around themselves or others or play with it on the stairs.
  8. Toilet paper. Give them a roll of toilet paper, and watch them turn into kittens.
  9. Bubbles. Make a lot of bubbles with dish soap and put it on a waterproof area – like a table with plastic tablecloth – and let them put it in pots or bowls, push their cars through it like a car wash, or just pop them.
  10. Tea parties and picnics. Invite their favorite toys. Get dressed up.
  11. Painting. Finger paint, or water paints, or painting kits. Shaving cream painting can be fun – with shaving cream and food colouring – although it is stinky. The dollar store sells plaster of paris objects that can be painted. Can be a clean activity, or really messy. Can put big pieces of paper on the ground and they can make foot prints and use their whole body. This is often followed by a bath.
  12. Bath. Baths don’t have to just be for bedtime. Bubbles, bath toys, bath crayons. Can be fun after painting, after a cold walk outside, or just to change things up.
  13. Lego, blocks, magnet shapes, tiddlywinks, anything to build with.
  14. Make a doll or toy house out of a box, or taped together shoe boxes. If you use an old bookcase or shelf, then you can keep it longer. Decorate it. Make furniture with the cardboard and tape. You can even make a garden, patio, or pool.
  15. Hide and go seek.
  16. Singing. Learning new songs. Singing songs you already know. There are a few songs that incorporate actions.
  17.  Play games. Board game, cards, Simon says, puzzles, and so on.
  18. Turn down the lights and make shadows. You can put up paper and trace your shadows. You could do a shadow puppet show.
  19. Make cookies, or a cake, pretzels, or bread. Make something in the kitchen together. Can decorate them together.
  20. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Make an indoor garden. Let them water it; feel the dirt when it is dry and wet.
  21. Play with dominos. Line them up in various fun ways and have fun watching them fall.
  22. Make jewellery. Let them choose the beads they want to put on a bracelet or necklace. Can buy beads beforehand, or paint and string macaroni.
  23. Fun with a shoebox. Make a shoebox full of surprises and playthings for car trips. You can also decorate the inside and outside of it. You could create a little world in the shoebox for dinosaurs or dolls. Alternatively, you could use it to keep treasure they find on outdoor walks.
  24. Make a play. Let them write it, or you can write it, or can use one of their favorite stories. Put on costumes, make costumes, use stuff around the house for props.
  25. Hugs, kisses and dancing every day.

Anna Marie Chemi is a stay at home mom who never wants to grow up, with 2 sweet boys.