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National Adoption Month

How many of you have been touched by adoption?

Perhaps you know people, or maybe, like me, you weren’t officially adopted but rather, raised by someone who wasn’t biologically related. My parents met when I was 3. My Dad has been my dad since then. I never use the word “step dad” because I was so young and he’s the only dad I’ve ever known. Even though I wasn’t ever officially adopted by him, he’s my dad.

I had it in my head when I was growing up that I would have two kids – one would be mine and my husbands and one would be adopted. Life didn’t work out that way but I seriously look up to those who make this choice. The reason behind why obviously differs depending on the situation. Regardless, the amazing choice their making to open their lives to a child is an admirable one.

I know, I’m grateful every day that my Dad chose to love me as his own.

The Adoption Council of Canada’s website dispels many myths around adoption. For example – fact – “thousands of children available for adoption in Canada through the public child welfare system, including babies.

With November being National Adoption Month,and today being National Adoption Day, we thought it would be interesting to put it out to our readers to share their stories about how it has touched their lives. Let’s celebrate those who chose to put a child’s life first. Whether that choice be to give their child a better home than they can provide, or to be the one to provide that for a child in need of a home.