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Anxiety Strikes…..Again

My anxiety seemed to be managed and I was doing so well for a long time.

Well, you know how that goes. Life happens. Family issues pop up, especially around the holidays. I got busy and missed a few days of my medication and boom. The insecurities, the irrational thinking, the fear, all come on and it feels like I’m drowning again.

And you would THINK you would notice this in yourself but in my case I didn’t. I had to have a friend give a good swift kick and say – Ok, what’s up – you haven’t been like this in a long time. Then it dawns on me, and I remember missing days. And my Dr. has said that particularly stressful times will make my anxiety “flare up” but there is also the issue of time.

Over time, I might need to increase my dosage. To say that this is frightening is an understatement. I mean, what if at some point, there isn’t enough to help? I worry.

All I can do is hang in there. Unfortunately, seeing the Mental Health issues all around me, makes me want to be better for my kids. Whatever it takes.

Appointment made with the doctor, because at the very least that’s a step forward.

And a big thankful hug to that friend who recognized that I wasn’t myself.

~ An Alberta Mama

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