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Celebrating the Coming of 2021 – With Kids

Hey, 2020 – Burn Baby Burn!

Just kidding of course, but if you have space to safely do a ritual burning of your 2020 agenda as suggested by the Wall Street Journal, we are not going to judge.

Let’s talk New Year’s Eve with the family. Your household family of course I mean, this being COVID times.

What can you do to make it special and fun for everyone?

We have a few thoughts!

KID-FRIENDLY OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES – a recent post, from one of our amazing contributors has some great ideas to get out and about!

I know it’s not summer, but ice cream always makes things special. Here’s a DIY Ice Cream Sandwich recipe from AnotherYEGMommy.

Chocolate Bombs are all the rage, so why not plan to make some and enjoy them that evening! The DIY Mommy has a great How-To blog about them!

For Calgary, Avenue has a list of some food, drink, and digital options.

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home in Calgary

If you’re in Edmonton, Linda Hoang has a great list of virtual events & of course – FOOD options for your night in!

New Year’s Eve In Edmonton: Take-Out Meals, Virtual Events And Things To (Safely) Do

Netflix will naturally have their New Years’ Eve countdowns, which you can strategically host at the bedtime of your choice!

Write a Future Me letter. As a family, or individually even. Talk about the year, the good times, the bad and what you’re looking forward to.

Once those kids are in bed, plan for a spirited celebration with your SO. One of our personal faves, Hansen Distillery has a list of fantastic recipes online and I have spied some of their spirits are available in local liquor stores!

Or if the kids are staying up – have a movie night, complete with a mattress in the living room. A family sleepover complete with all the snacks! Or, there will be channels with Fireworks and specials to check out to ring in the new year all over your guide – including CBC’s with Rick Mercer!

We’d love to hear what your plans are or if you have any traditions you’d like to share!