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Five to Follow – Funny Facebook

Ah Facebook, I have a love/hate relationship with you. As a Social Media Manager you make me crazy BUT as a person who’s made funny pages priority in my feed, I enjoy you. Why not add some Ha, Ha to your feed between the advertisements and Aunt Jo’s status update on her foot wart.

Paige Kellerman

This hilarious author out of the states has me in stitches daily. It’s like she is living my life!


Meanwhile in Alberta

Sometimes political, much like the Meanwhile in Canada Twitter I mention in the previous post – almost always funny.


The Comedy Network

This is a given of course. The Facebook page of a comedy network is bound to be funny – and this one is homegrown!


Ah the realness! I had the absolute pleasure of seeing these gals in person in Edmonton and my stomach HURT afterward. The videos kill me – they have timing!



Ok, so it’s not ALWAYS funny, but when it is it is really good and when it’s not, it’s articles and topics moms can TOTALLY relate to. Plus is was created by fellow Canadian Erica Ehm – who’s pretty darn cool! Their website is a plethora of tidbits too.


Who do you follow on Facebook for some funny?

Edmonton's Child