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How To “Girls Night” As a Mom In Your Late 30’s

I read an article about a study by Currys PC World that found 37 is the magic age when you’re “too old to go clubbing”. I’m turning 37 in November and I’m very sad to admit, I wasn’t too surprised to hear this.

Now, we all know every person is different, and ask any of my friends, I LOVE to dance. It’s always been my stress reliever – going out with friends, letting loose and dancing the night away. These studies are not exact. If you love nothing more than dressing up and hitting the clubs, more power to ya!

I’ve discovered recently I, myself, would much rather stay in and spend quality time with my besties – preferably in our PJs. Here’s how I make “Moms Night In” awesome – a sleepover.

  1. The Costco Run.  There must be one of these ahead of time so you’re all stocked up. On the list? Wine, maybe some Sangria (cause Costco Sangria is actually really yummy), cheese, chips, cheese to melt on said chips…and more wine.
  2. Decide who is kicking their husband and kids out. That sounded harsh.  One of you can try to convince your husband that taking the kids for sleep overs at grandma and grandpas would be fun, or taking them camping maybe? LOL. Bottom line is, the hosting mom should have as much freedom as the rest of you, no kids to take care of, no Husband to crash the party. This might mean splitting a hotel room, or in my “bestie circle” case, volunteentold-ing the Mom with the hot tub at her house…..
  3. Get dressed….or don’t? This is the easy part. If you’re already wearing your most comfy clothes, you’re ready. And don’t worry about makeup. Give your skin a chance to breathe, your girls love you just as you are – natural. If you’re feeling really ambitious you can pack a next day change of clothes (and swimsuit for the hot tub).
  4. Activities – bring em. Cards Against Humanity is awful, but one of our faves. Others we enjoy are Asshole, Scattergories, and 80’s Trivia. Even Poker is great fun. We also usually pick a movie – which is another great Mom’s Night idea, going to see a movie. OR binge watch the newest and greatest on Netflix.
  5. Order in. With options like Skip the Dishes and UberEats, pizza is not the only option anymore. Just make sure whatever it is, if there are dishes you clean it up together. Again, Host mom shouldn’t be left with a mess, we aren’t 17 anymore. 😉

In the end, even if I’m older, I still need my dose of a good time but I’m embracing this tamer me. Hanging with girl friends, mom friends, it’s a bit like therapy. You talk about you, you talk about them, you laugh, maybe you cry, and in the end, it probably costs less than a session with an expert. Plus all of you have a full cup when you leave, ready to face another day juggling the balls of motherhood.

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