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Happy Birthday Canada!

Canada, the true north strong and free.

We’re the second largest country in the world and have more lakes within our boundaries than the whole rest of the world combined. When the ocean is frozen enough on the East Coast, we might play hockey on it.  ~source Factslides

“The name originates from a Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata (or canada) for “settlement”, “village”, or “land”. ‘” ~source Wikipedia


Yes, we are that and we couldn’t be more proud to welcome one and all to ours. We asked a few of our friends to share what Canada means to them but first a couple from our founders.

“Canada to me means a place in the world that allows all uniqueness to be shown. With so many rights and freedoms and an eclectic mix of people, we have a genuine ability to show our true authentic selves. This just makes the world a better place. One of acceptance and cohesive living among differences.”

~ Jen

“To me, Canada means safety, comfort, and home. I am constantly amazed by its vast beauty and wide open spaces. Nothing makes me more proud than telling people I am a Canadian when traveling to other countries!”

~ Kim

Here’s what some our friends had to say;

“To me as an immigrant from a place where there’s very little opportunity or equality, Canada provides a chance and the freedom to be whatever you want to be. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are the opportunities are readily available. It’s important to me to teach my kids who were born in this great nation to never take for granted this luxury.”

~Ernsline, mom & originally from Haiti.

“To me Canada is LOVE!  I moved to Canada after finding the love of my life and after that, I also found the love of my neighbours and friends who care for me and my family, the love for nature and the outdoors, the love and respect that Canadians show every day to one another. There’s a sense of community everywhere I go. Canada is majestic and my heart truly trembles when I sing Oh, Canada! I guess I’m in Love with my new homeland”

~Isabel, mom of 2 & originally from Mexico

“Canada means a better future for my kids, where everyone is equal!”

~Christine, mom of 2 & originally from the middle east.

“The generosity of Canadians never ceases to amaze me. I have seen the best in Canadians when they stepped up to help during a disaster, volunteer in their city, lend a hand to help a friend move and even give blood to a stranger. I love being able to help my fellow Canadians and watch my city grow with a sense of pride.”

~ Nadia, mom of 3 & originally from Trinidad.

“Canada is home. I confess it didn’t feel like that at first; I missed my old life in Mexico too much. Although the plan was to be here a short amount of time, I met my husband, fell in love and started my own family. Now I can’t imagine living anywhere else, I love Canada, the way of life, the safety, our new friends and even the winter, I especially love the life my children have growing up here. Soon my mom will join us, so she can be close to her grandchildren, and I know she’ll love living here as much as I do. Canada is home.”

~ Tanya, mom of 2 & originally from Mexico.

“As a recent Canadian Citizen, I cannot express how I am amazed by this country! I am originally from Mauritius and underwent my University Studies in the UK. In 2011 I braved the journey to immigrate to Canada and little did I know how much it had to offer. I started in Montreal and made my way to Saskatchewan ( I got married and my son was born) and now am living in Alberta, specifically, Edmonton where my daughter was born. This country has so much to offer, it is not a melting pot as some would claim but rather an amalgamation of different cultures, religions, and nationalities. Although each province has its own uniqueness, the actual commonality is the way everyone welcomes you with open arms and accepts you for who are. Whether it is someone offering a Timmies double-double or eating poutine, it’s the warmth and diversity of the people you meet that makes the difference. I have been to 6 out of the 10 provinces and have seen many parts of this vast country and know there will be a lifetime of exploring to truly appreciate its greatness. Canada has allowed me to grow professionally and personally for that I am truly thankful. I am proud to be a Canadian. Happy Birthday Canada!”

~ Heshm, mom of 2.

No matter where we were born, we’re all family on Canada Day. One big, massive village celebrating the birth of our amazing country. You sure look good for 150 Canada!

Grateful Canadians,

~ Your Alberta Mamas