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A Full Time Working Moms Note to Her Kids This Summer

I have been blessed. Previously working from home, and only part time I was able to spend much of the summer having fun with my kids. This will be the first summer I am working full time out of the house and I’m full of all the feels.

Little ones the times have changed.

Mama can’t watch you play in the sunshine, day after day.

She has a new adventure that takes her away.

She’ll miss slathering on the sunblock to spend hours outside.

And you should know her thoughts will stray.

To when you were just an arms length away.

To when her job was tending to you.

Duty calls, bills to pay.

But she wouldn’t have those years any other way.

So while you’re having fun with your new friends,

and new adventures where mama won’t be.

Don’t forget, she’ll need a big hug when you see her

lots of snuggles,

and to hear all about what you’ve done and the things you see.

Edmonton's Child