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A Positively Princess’d Royal Ball

I know we are all just starting to get into the Christmas spirit but we wanted to share this super fun event happening in Sherwood Park for New Year’s Eve! Positively Princess’d is holding a Royal Ball with all proceeds going to Jacob’s Wish.

About Jacob’s Wish

“Jacob Christian McInnis was born Dec 18 at 26 weeks gestation. Entering this world so early made him vulnerable to infection and at only 12 days old and 1.5lbs he contracted meningitis. Jacob’s mom Soula knew from the start her son was special and as they faced many adversities her boy’s heart just grew stronger for others. In Jacob’s 14 years on this earth he had 98 surgeries, 300 CAT Scans, countless MRI’s, CP, SVC, Stomach cysts, Blood Transfusions, Seizures and so much more but what seems like a long list of things that could tear a person down just made this boys mission for happiness stronger. Jacob is remembered because he always thought of others first, a true Superhero of Hearts which gave him the name that he is known by “Super Jake”. As a sick kid Jacob was given “wishes” to bring a little happiness into his life during tough times. Time and time again Jacob’s Wish was “I wish for everyone to be happy” and with that “Jacob’s Wish” began. Starting from a small cubicle size hospital room in 4D with his mom. Collecting gift cards, toys and purchasing any electronics they could afford for the kids he saw around him day in and day out. Spending most of his 14 years of life in the Stollery, Soula and Jacob knew first hand what these families needed. Random Acts of Kindness, something that brought even just a glimmer of light to a seemingly dark day.

Our Superhero has left this earth but his WISH remains.”

Positively Princess’d works closely with Jacob’s Wish (ran by Jacob’s Mom Soula) to continue bringing joy to kids and their families. Jacob’s wish was “for everybody to be happy” and we can’t think of a better way to make people happy than ringing in a New Year with your family and a whole lot of Princesses & Superheroes!

Early bird tickets are $35 for kids and $55 for adults until the end of November. Get tickets here! 

We want to give you a chance to win one Adult and one Child’s ticket! Enter below to win your spot for the most magical New Year’s Event in Alberta!


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