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The Power of One on One

You don’t realize that your littles are watching your every move.

Today was date day. My husband took my middle man to the Oilers Skills Competition, and I had my girl, and the baby. After I put my baby down for a nap, my little lady and I got ready for our at-home-date.

You don’t realize that your littles are watching your every move. Even the little things, every second. They want to be just like you. We were having a tea date, “like parents do”. She picked our tea, we used my tea pot (not the one she made with her mama), and she really wanted to use my favourite mug. As she said, “the mug you use all the time for coffee”. She was so excited. I bought a special banana chocolate chip coffee cake, which she got to cut her own piece.

When we were all set, the date began. She used my mug, she used a glass plate, and a metal fork. Her eyes sparkled. I watched her every move. I listened to her every word. I fell in love, all over again, with my little girl. I could not believe how she had grown up. The language she used (I wasn’t aware how vast her vocabulary was) was beyond her years. But as we drank our tea, and ate our cake, I saw her. I really saw her.

This is what she wanted. This is what she craved.

She is the oldest of 3 kids, all under 5, and my life got a little crazy. It got busy. Her baby brother takes up a lot of my time, unwilling to take a bottle, struggling to nap or sleep at night. I could see she felt dismissed.

All she wanted was to be with me.

I make sure she gets attention every day. I make sure I ask her how school was, or what her favorite things are. I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up. But today she wanted me, and only me. And I made sure she got me. She confided in me. She was open with me. I was amazed.

My 4 year little girl is turning into a bright, thoughtful, caring human being. Her favourite people are her little brothers. She wants to have her own business so she can work from home, and she wants to be a mom more than anything. We make an effort to have monthly dates with our littles, but this just affirmed these are essential. I don’t want to miss my babies growing up.

By Kelly Eves 

I’m Kelly! I’m a new SAHM, working part time. My husband and I have 3 beautiful children (almost1-3-almost5), a fur baby, Archie, and a budding business. I love wine, sleep (ha!), and binge watching shows on Netflix- which one day I may have time to again! I find peace in new recipes, and running/working out. Find Kelly on twitter @MrsEves5 & Instagram: Chaotic Cooking