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There’s More Than One Way to Halloween!

The day is almost here! The day that your children, if old enough to talk, have probably been going on about incessantly since school started: HALLOWEEN.

This day can cause a lot of stress for parents. There’s just so much excitement, sugar, sensory overload, sugar, late bedtime, sugar, excitement, sugar…. which, for most kids, means eventual overwhelm and meltdown. What I’ve learned in my 6 years as a “Halloween Parent” is that you gotta do you, mama. When I was a new mom there was a post by a mom blogger essentially shaming moms for not trick or treating around their own neighbourhoods…. Obviously that stuck with me because I still remember it. Guess what? Who cares! Forget about what others think you should be doing on Halloween and just do what you think is best for your kid(s) AND your sanity.

  • Some parents allow their kids to eat as much candy as they want on Halloween.
  • Some are allowed to stay up as late as they possibly can.
  • Others are allowed a few pieces and lose the rest to the “Switch Witch” the next day.
  • Some kids Trick or Treat at the Mall, “Mall-o-Ween”, as it’s been dubbed.
  • Some families stay home and hand out candy and play games.
  • Others run wild through their neighbourhood with friends.
  • Certain parents drive their children around to the “fancy” areas to hit the candy jackpot.
  • Others make a Trick or Treat appearance at grandma and grandpa’s house or other special people in the children’s lives.

Of course, your family’s Halloween plans will likely change a bit over the years. When my son started Trick or Treating we lived in a new neighbourhood in the ‘burbs and had hardly any neighbours. So, we took off to our good friend’s community where they had kids everywhere. Now that our area has developed more, we alternate Trick or Treating between our homes each year and have dinner together- a tradition all of us look forward to and enjoy.

The cliche point is this…. they are only young for so long. Eventually, our little ghouls will want nothing to do with us on Halloween night. (*cue ugly cry) Make it a night to remember, your way.

Happy Halloween,

Every Day GirlEdmonton Realtor

Kim Ouellette is a Co-Founder of Alberta Mamas and an Edmonton Realtor with Schmidt Realty Group. She is a wife, mom, daughter, friend and adventure seeker who loves to explore Alberta and beyond. Connect with her at