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Why You Should Be a Plant Mom

We’re done having kids. The boys are now 8 & 11 so we’re out of the baby/toddler/preschooler stage. I have loved every stage but the older they get the more I see a little baby and want to squish their little cheeks and start again. KIDDING. I don’t want to start again. But I need something to keep me company during the day while the boys are in school. Pets are not an option (WAY too much work plus the whole allergy thing) so I’m becoming a Plant Mom.

Why You Should Become a Plant Mom:

  1. You only have to feed/water it once every two weeks UNLESS you buy a cactus then it’s even less work! And plants don’t complain about their food touching.
  2. Plants don’t talk back, or list off their favourite Pokemon characters 100 times a day, or sing made up songs about farts. They just sit there.
  3. In the mornings plants will leave you alone until you’ve finished your coffee, showered, and have gotten dressed.
  4. Plants multiply easier. Babies take months and that’s if everything goes according to plan and you get pregnant right away. Want a new plant? Cut some from your old plant and it regrows. Don’t have the patience? Go to literally ANY store while running errands and bring home a new plant baby.
  5. Plants don’t leave their crap all over your house. All the lego, underwear, random socks, and actual crap (potty training is HARD) strewn throughout your house does not happen with a plant.
  6. Plants don’t request chicken nuggets and pasta for supper every meal. Or freak out when there is one tiny little speck of green in the pasta sauce. They just drink up all that water with no complaints.
  7. You stick it in a pot or container you choose with no complaints. No “it’s itchy”, “why can’t I wear my Elsa dress”, or “can I wear shorts to play in the snow” conversations needed.

So get a plant next time you’re in the grocery store. We promise it will be the least needy thing in your house. Just be careful… It may become your favourite living thing in your house some days.


Box Social Event PlanningDeanne Ferguson is the owner of Box Social Event Planning. When she is not planning fun, family, friendly events she is finding the yummiest food for the Edmonton Home and Garden Show Food Stage. She loves her #cocktailMonday dates with her husband and chasing around her two boys. You can find her at @DeanneFerguson on Instagram and @BoxSocialYEG on Twitter.