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February 22, 2019

Alberta Mamas SkirtsAFire Artist Spotlight – Writer Michelle Todd {+Giveaway}

As I prepare to perform Deep Fried Curried Perogies at SkirtsAfire Festival this March, I think of the person who made me a mother.

My first born. This beautiful, tall, lean, long physique, gorgeous smile, thoughtful, patient, gooby sense of humour, mini-man. And promptly burst into tears. It has been such a surprisingly long road, it’s not over, but man!

Suddenly he’s 16 and adulthood is around the corner. For him! I can barely believe that I’m no longer the “young adult”. I still can’t exhale. I’m still scared. When he was first born, to the oft asked “How is he? How is motherhood?” I would reply, “Still alive,” not because he had any history of disease, but because it was my new mantra and let’s be honest, many an African violet and bamboo plant have expired in my care. And now I had a human?!?!

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February 21, 2019

The Key To Being Productive Is Roundhouse Coworking Space

Roundhouse Coworking Space

Since we started Alberta Mamas we have met every month to discuss our plans for upcoming projects. As 2019 approached we knew that because of the changes and other commitments the new year was bringing for all of us that we would need to meet for a full day to plan for the upcoming months.

Roundhouse Coworking Space

We’ve always had our meetings at local coffee shops but that wouldn’t work for us this time as we knew that we needed a space where we would be able to lay out our ideas visually for the whole team to see and have access to WiFi to plan it out as we worked. This is where Roundhouse Coworking Space came in, which gave us access to an awesome board room complete with a smart board and LEGO table to spawn creativity for the whole day. Also, did I mention that there is coffee?

Roundhouse Coworking Space

Roundhouse Coworking Space

The Roundhouse Coworking Space is located at MacEwan University in Allard Hall and is an alternative option for those looking for a workspace for their business instead of working from home or in a typical office setting. Not only is it a great way to collaborate with like minds, but it is also a more affordable option too with pricing options starting at just $40/month.

Roundhouse offers several different options when it comes to looking for a working space which includes:

  • Private office space
  • Dedicated desk
  • Hot desk
  • Community Membership
  • Event Space
  • Conference Rooms

Roundhouse Coworking Space

All members also have access to the community kitchen, an awesome common area, bike storage, showers and change room (so you can freshen up after biking to work), tech library rentals (cameras, green screens, and even a REALLY cool robot that you can use for meetings) and so much more.

Roundhouse Coworking Space

How Our Day Went

Roundhouse Coworking Space

Being able to have space where we could work all day to plan for Alberta Mamas was amazing. We absolutely loved working at Roundhouse Coworking Space, and it was so successful that we realized that one full day every couple of months works WAY better than a 2-hour meeting once a month. I can not say enough about how successful this meeting was. We can’t wait to go back to Roundhouse again and are so excited to share what we are doing with Alberta Mamas this year!

To learn more about Roundhouse Coworking Space you can visit them online at Also, don’t forget to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for an inside look to see what their space is all about.

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February 20, 2019

The What’s for Dinner Nightmare (+ Simply Supper Giveaway!)

Meal prepping with Simply Supper

It’s 4pm, you are trying to get all the things from your to do list done in the last hour of the “work day” while shuttling children back and forth to sports and playdates. Then, you get the call, “what’s for dinner tonight?”. Ahhhhh! This is the thing nightmares are made of. Planning dinner every. single. night. Who else is with me on feeling the burden of this chore?

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February 7, 2019

Day Trip To See The Road Side Attractions In Alberta

The giant drive across eastern Alberta started as a curiosity about the many small towns dotted across Alberta that are the home to many of the “worlds largest” structures. Many of these are great stops for when you’re on a road trip but I started to think about creating a day trip with the kids to see as many in a day as we could. Why would you spend 12 hours on the road to see the worlds biggest perogy, mallard duck or mushrooms? Mostly, because we needed to get out of the house during the last few weeks of the summer. The kids were heading back to school and I thought “one more hurrah” before we got back into a routine, after school activities and my work schedule got busy.

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The Importance of Getting Away

Skoki Lodge
Sometimes you just have to get away from it all. As we all know, being a mom can simply be exhausting. The physical and mental load can take its toll. Everyone needs a break from time to time. I’m a firm believer that you can not take care of others unless you are also taking care of yourself.

A few years ago, when my kiddo was only a toddler, I did it. I left for some me time.

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January 26, 2019

SkirtsAfire Festival is coming to YEG!

SkirtsAfire Festival in Edmonton is self-described as “diverse and daring”. When you visit the festival be prepared to be immersed in powerful, beautiful, engaging performances, exhibits and workshops in Theatre, Poetry, Spoken Word, Design, Art, Dance, Cabaret, Music, Comedy, Yoga, and more.

We have taken in their 2017 & 2018 MainStage Productions. In 2018, The Romeo Initiative, written by Trina Davies was half romantic comedy, half spy thriller, and all entertainment.

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When your province is a winter wonderland (let’s go with that) 6 months a year there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy winter festivals! Festivals around the province have a component for families too, but often make a great opportunity for date night! Here are our top picks for winter festivals with your family in 2019

Awesome Alberta Winter Festivals and Activities 2019

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January 21, 2019

3 different outdoor activities to consider in the winter

Forest Bathing, Teepees, and Snow Painting

Winter can be so long, so dark, so blah. It’s easy to be complacent and not want to get yourself and your little ones bundled up to go out into the chilly cold. There are a lot of places now where you can bring your children to play indoors – play centres, the Science Centre, museums, the pool, etc. – but nothing beats time spent outside. Fresh air is good to breathe, and letting little ones run free is a great way for them to burn off energy. For myself, I find that spending time in nature reduces stress, and makes me feel lighter. If you have the budget, you can do anything from skating to skiing, and everyone can go tobogganing. Below are 3 cheap or free ideas of fun stuff you might want to try, forest bathing, teepees, and snow painting.

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