12 Tips For Taking The Kids To K-Days

K-Days is back this year July 20-29th. The best 10 days of summer! We’ve teamed up with K-Days to give you the top 12 tips for taking the kids and getting the most out of it.

1.Take public transit

Instead of parking, try taking the ETS. There is an LRT station right near the North Entrance of the grounds. Getting into the parking lot and out can take a bit of time, so try out using the public transit system so you can hop on and off the train to your car. Check out the City Of Edmonton Trip Planner to help figure out where to go.

2.Go earlier

If you can try and get there when it opens to avoid some of the busier times with older kids/teenagers. If you’re not doing public transit then the earlier you get there the better the parking spot too!

3.Download the grounds Map Or Northlands app

You can get a paper copy of the map while you are there, but can also download a copy onto your phone to quickly pull out to find out where you want to go. Or you can dowload the Northlands App to your phone that will give you the map, schedule and buy tickets.

4.Buy your tickets in advance

Avoid lines to get in and buy rides tickets/passes and save a few bucks by buying everything in advance. You can save up to $20 on ride all day passes buying before July 19th and it includes gate admission. Buy tickets here.

5.Bring a backpack

Personally I’m a purse person, but a backpack makes it so your purse isn’t swinging as you play games or getting in the way while navigating the grounds with the kids. Pack sunscreen, water, hand wipes, a small umbrella and your wallet and phone and a small owie kit. DONT FORGET HAND WIPES! Kids get dirty and sticky without even trying. Add fair food, walking, games and rides!


In a busy place safety is important. Talk with your kids about what to do if they become lost. Show them where the lost kids centre is (Inside the Expo Centre) and explain to meet there and ask a worker of the grounds to help. K-Days provides lost kids stickers that go on the childs shirt and you fill out an info sheet so they can contact you.

Write YOUR name and phone number on a piece of paper and put it in their pocket so someone can contact you just in case.

A tip I received from a police officer years ago was to take a picture of your child when you leave the house/arrive at the grounds. This will ensure you have the most up to date photo of them and can show exactly what they are wearing.

7.Cool off in the Expo Centre

Kids (and parents) can get cranky when it;s hot out. Head into the expo centre to enjoy the Kids Town, or any of the other shopping and shows indoors. Take a break indoors to cool off and head back out afterwards. Check the schedule for all the different shows that your kids (or you) will like best!

8.Bring a small “owie” kit

Very small things so this fits inside your backpack. My youngest make s huge deal out of the smallest of scraped and cuts. A band aid usually remedies most of them. If we have a couple on hand we can avoid the dramatic complaining. Add some Gravol for upset tummies from rides or yummy fair food. Throw in a few blister band aids for all that walking. Leave the bigger kit at home since there are first aid stations on the grounds.

9.Bring Cash

Avoid expensive ATM fees and bring cash for food and games and even tickets. A tip my mother taught me was to have some in your wallet, some in your pocket and some in your sock. The sock might be uncomfortable but you get the idea. Having cash in a few places will help with access without having to pull your wallet out each time and make buying things/playing games more efficient.

10. Bring Reinforcements

If you can, go as a big group! 4 or 5 of us moms used to all meet up there together, some with one child, others with 4 and the crew assisted! Older kids went on rides together, younger kids went on with mom while another mom hung with the others. Taking the “village” along is a big help!

11.Make Music Memories

If you have older kids, check out the concerts at the TD South Stage. It’s so much fun taking them to their first concert and you really can’t beat entertainment that is included with your ticket price. Plus the Tim Hortons North Stage includes lots of fun family friendly acts. Full line ups can be found on their website.

12. Have Fun

Fun is the name of the game right? Enjoy yourself and know that a late nap might mean rough bedtime later. The deep fried food might cause a tummy upset later, so veggies for dinner maybe. BUT in my opinion the memories make it worth it. One of the best stories I have from being a kid at K-Days was my brother and I going on one particular ride until one of us threw up. Like a game of chicken, but with our stomachs! ha ha. It doesn’t have to be that extreme, but ensure you enjoy yourself!

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