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5 Mom Friends That Are Good To Have

What I’ve learned over the years as a mom, is that your circle of friends gets smaller. It’s not a bad thing, it’s quality over quantity. I sat back the other night, thinking about my very small circle, realizing they each have their own elements of awesome. I seem to have been drawn to moms that each has qualities I want to grow within myself.

I’ve needed to learn a lot as I go with this parenting thing, much like most people but because of how I grew up, even the smallest things – showing affection or correction, for example, have been a struggle for me. You change and grow when you surround yourself with people who have the qualities you want to grow in yourself.

Here are 5 moms in my circle that I’m glad to have “showing me the ropes”


  1. The Health Conscious Mom. You know the ones. They somehow manage to get their kids to not just eat their vegetables but CHOOSE vegetables. They make exercise a priority in their day, for them and their kids. They take care of themselves too, showing you that self-care is essential. You go to them fortips and watch their good choices, trying to see if any of these healthy options can fit your family too.
  2. The Super Smart Mom. These ones are all in on the new technology, they know what their kids are into and seem to outsmart them at every turn. The ideas they share with you sometimes just make you sit back and think, I’d love a day with that brain of yours! And they are raising super smart, independent kids who know exactly who they are. You’re always bending her ear for what’s new with her kids or what she’s currently working on. And some times you get her to explain how the heck that math question works that your kids brought home too.
  3. The Mellow But Deadly Mom. She seems like the most chill person you’ve ever met. Then you meet her kids and they are so well behaved, you think, how is this possible? You never see her raise her voice to her kids at any time and yet, they still listen. Then you hear the odd story about how her kids didn’t want to eat supper one night, she fed them it for breakfast once and didn’t hear a complaint ever again. She calmly sticks to her guns and respectfully gains the cooperation of her kids. I feel like it’ll take me a lifetime of watching her work to be able to use such deadly ninja mom skills.
  4. The Always Put Together Mom. Some of you may secretly mutter under your breath when you see her but I myself will admit, I always want to be her. The best part is, more often than not, these moms are also some of the sweetest you will find. Sweet and gorgeous, they come to your rescue when you need a little soul lightening and their smile lights up a room. What I learn from her is that it’s ok to take a few minutes in the morning to put myself together, and make sure I’m spreading some love when I go out into the world too.
  5. The Juggle & Fun Mom. She works, often many jobs, raises usually 2, 3 or 4 kids and somehow manages to do the most fun things with them too. I always think to myself, where do you find the time? But if she can do it, surely I can too? You can go to her for ideas and sit back in awe of her while she juggles, seemingly a crazy amount of “balls” and wears her numerous hats. You see her pictures of the fun she has with her kids and just get inspired.

There are obviously many more great qualities within the women you surround yourself with, and you might not have even stopped to think about it. There are women who are a hybrid of these! We really do gravitate towards people who we enjoy and for me, part of that enjoyment is learning through their experiences and strengths.

Do you fall in any of these “types”? Do you have friends who do? Tell us about your favourite “mom friends'” qualities! We’d love to hear all about the women in your circle who inspire you and help you grow.

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