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5 Reasons We Love The St. Albert Botanic Park

This past weekend we decided to take advantage of the sunshine – it’s few and far between lately! My daughter has become interested in taking photos – especially of flowers – and we had never been to the St. Albert Botanic Garden so that’s where we went!

1. It’s FREE

You park in the lot and it’s right there. There is a gift shop you can peruse if you like but entrance is free.

2. It’s bigger than you expect!

I hadn’t looked up anything more than where it was so when we got there, the entrance gardens were already impressive. But then we kept walking. It’s LONG. There is an entrance park, an East park, a West park and more additional gardens. We stopped along the way so much to take photos we spent almost 2 hrs there.

3. The fountain.

It’s so Zen. It’s the most amazing focus point for the first garden you see.

4. So. Much. Pretty.

The two pics below are actually photos my daughter took! Between the sights, sounds (bees a buzzing), and smells, you can’t help but enjoy the beauty.


Flitting from one place to the next to snap her shots.

5. Things you least expect!

A tee pee, flowers and plants growing in logs and giant ladybugs!

Another one of those gems that I feel bad not checking out previously! I’ve lived in the city for over 20 years and am still finding fun stuff like this to experience with my kiddies.

Have you discovered anything new in your Alberta town?

Chris is one of the only mama’s with a “day job”. Mom of 2, a 7 & 9 year old, she works as a Receptionist for a locally owned auto body shop. She loves cider, hanging out with good people and writing about her feelings. She currently resides in our Capital City, however she grew up on a farm north east of the city and never forgets her farm girl roots.