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5 Reasons Why We LOVE Experience Gifts!

With Christmas just around the corner it is time to start thinking about gifts for our children and others. The grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends have started asking us for gift ideas for the kids and one of the things we always tell them is that we would appreciate experience type gifts. Yes, toys, books, games and art supplies are exciting- but the experience gift is something that really goes the distance with holiday gift giving- in our homes at least.

5 Reasons Why We LOVE Experience Gifts!

1- We already have too many toys in the house!

It seems like every second we turn around there is a toy to trip on or a bin that is overflowing with “things”. In the spirit of trying to live a more decluttered lifestyle, we just really don’t need more stuff. We can’t tell you how many times a toy that our children just “had to have” gets tossed into the pile and sits unplayed with.

2- Experiences can be expensive!

Taking the kids to a movie or trampoline park or even swimming can really add up quickly. Helping out with the cost of this is SO appreciated and means we can probably do these types of fun things more often. Even better if you want to join us in the experience and have some quality time with the kids!

3- Experience gifts offer great learning opportunities!

One of the greatest gifts to give a child is the gift of learning and one of the best ways to do that is by experiencing new things first hand. An afternoon at the zoo, science centre, museum or nature centre will create the opportunity for sparking new interests, curiosities and knowledge.

4- Experience gifts promote connection to the community!

When our family goes swimming at the local recreation centre, bouncing at the trampoline park, exploring downtown while visiting the art gallery or taking in a show at a community theatre we are getting to know the communities we call home. Children feel safer when they have positive experiences in their city/town/suburb. The opportunity for kids to meet new people and experience diversity is what building strong connections with others is all about!

5- Experience gifts create memories and promote quality time with family!

When we ask our children what they liked most about something they typically speak fondly about activities they did or the time they spent having fun with friends and family- not the toys they have. If one of the end goals is to raise kids with positive childhood memories the gift of an experience can certainly help to create this.

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