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Easy DIY Projects For The Holidays

We came up with three easy DIY projects for the holidays you can do with the kids this Christmas season. One of them the kids can even do themselves guaranteeing you some time to sit back and enjoy some eggnog.

DIY Snow Globe

This is a craft you can make with stuff sitting around your house using a small mason jar or a quick trip to Michaels or the dollar store (or an Amazon order) for a fancier globe.

Head over to our post for the complete DIY Snow Globe directions.

DIY Ornament For Younger Kids


  • Plastic ornament from Michaels, Dollar Tree, or online. Just make sure the top can be removed.
  • Loose parts – Sky’s the limit! Sequins, pipe cleaners, ribbon, bells, beads – whatever you have laying around.
My six year old needs to work on his scissor skills so he got the job of cutting the ribbon which he loved! And yes that is a half eaten candy cane laying there. I totally bribed him to craft with me using candy canes.
I put the materials in bowls making it easy for them to see and grab.
The finished product. It really is that easy and is perfect for little ones. This is a great fine motor activity for little hands plus it looks great on the tree.

DIY Ornament For Older Kids

  • Same plastic ornaments as listed above.
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Patience
This one looks easy enough to do since you only need three things.
Put some glue inside the ornament.
This is too much glue and where the patience part comes in. If you put in too much all your glitter will clump and slide around creating a blob at the bottom. So add some a bit at a time and turn the ornament around coating the inside completely. Even better after you coat the inside hold the ornament upside down and let the extra glue drip out.
Add your glitter and be liberal. Shake it around making sure you cover everywhere and dump out the extra if there is any.

Do you have a favourite DIY project you’ve done with the kids? We would love to hear from you!

And in case you missed it, we talked about these and a few more on CTV Edmonton.


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