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Family Values and Work

Up until 2 weeks ago, my work was full time. 730 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, both kids in Daycare. No flexibility, no leaving early, or even really being able to stay home with the kids if they were sick.

PS – this is not a political opinion post. 

This was a change after having an incredibly flexible, work from home or partial work from home job since my daughter was 1. I started this full time gig just before she turned 9.

I loved my work.

I loved the customers, I loved my co-workers and I loved the daily challenges. I respected and grew to care for the people I worked with. BUT there was certainly “culture shock”.

The kids being in daycare, coming home spouting opinions and “Well, Dayhome Lady says…” 9 hours of my day not seeing them. By the time I got home and made supper, it was pretty much shower and to bed. There was one time my son was a bystander of a fight on the bus, a kids head hit into his mouth knocking one tooth out, and he was bleeding. I wasn’t there at the stop for him. Dayhome was. It broke my heart.

I have always been very lucky when it comes to opportunities. A friend got me an interview with a mom owned business and I jumped at the opportunity to work for someone who might just understand. The hitch? It’s part time. Hubs and I had long discussions, we ran the math – no dayhome costs ALMOST covered what I would be loosing moving to part time but not quite. There would still need to be sacrifices.

In the end, we both decided for my sanity, peace of mind and just general flexibility, I would take the job. I also decided it was the perfect opportunity for a soft launch of my own business to try to make up some of the hours.

The first time I waited with my kids again for the bus in the morning, I was so happy.

The first time I picked them up, I was happy. Leaving work early to take them to long overdue doctors appointments – very, very happy.

I completely recognize that for some of you, the reality is that your kids go to child care and you work, long hard hours. I commend you. I know that I am lucky to even have this option, but please don’t think it’s without it’s sacrifices. There’s always The Pressure To Do!

Probably no vacations for a good two years at least.

Constant hustling to try to make up those hours – stressing about making sure we have enough to pay the bills.

Giving up a job I really, REALLY enjoyed.

And yes, I have friends who’ll soon be going through a similar situation, stressing about money, though not of their making but as a result of the political climate in our province and country. This is why I say this is not a political post. My situation is very different from what some may be going through, please know I recognize this and am in no way comparing.

Chris is one of the only mama’s with a “day job”. Mom of 2, a 7 & 9 year old, she works as PT administration for a local small business. She loves cider, hanging out with good people and writing about her feelings. She currently resides in our Capital City, however she grew up on a farm north east of the city and never forgets her farm girl roots.