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Free Resource: Fueling Brains

Yesterday the team at Fueling Brains reached out to Alberta Mamas about the platform they’ve launched in Calgary. You can check it out at

It’s an online tool for educators and parents, meant to support early childhood learning of your kids. They’ve been working in the child care space for nearly a decade as Kids U and they’ve put together a toolbox of activities and parenting resources based on the work of their educators and researchers.

And they’re offering it for free.

While they’re putting together this platform, they’ve also made a page for first responders and frontline workers seeking childcare. The platform’s founder, Anil, and his team even had their shoulders tapped to help healthcare practitioners in Alberta.

Some of the videos with educators that you might enjoy are Anupa’s hand washing tutorial, Fiona’s walking through an activity where students clean their toys, or making art using fruits and vegetables.

According to Anil and the Fueling Brains team, 85% of all brain cells are created by the age of 5.

Early childhood development gives a 17-to-1 return on investment over the lifetime of the child, meaning the work you and your family does now with your child is as important as it ever was before.

Clicking around the websites, the platform has three major pieces: one for infants, another for toddlers, and a third area for pre-kindergarten. The curriculum is about activating the left and right sides of the brain, with activities and small lessons placed throughout the area. 

We’ve already written about needing to practice self-care during COVID-19 and you can definitely read the 15-point listicle as well, but this might be a sixteenth point to that list. If it’s hygging, laughing, or celebrating with gratitude for one another, the Fueling Brains platform might be one spot where you can access some tips, tools, and guidance in this stressful time.

As always, we’d love to hear about the resources you’ve found that are working well for you and your families.