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Summer Memories Are So Much Work, And Worth All Of It

Summer Memories

School is out soon and we will be in full-blown summer mode.

We always talk about Summer being relaxing and a time to unwind, but let’s be honest. As a parent, summer can be so much work.

Remember being a kid and just showing up for the family trip? Food, tents, clothes, activities were thought of and you could just be carefree and go with the flow? Well someone had to plan it right?

Now that we are parents, we find ourselves in piles of camping supplies, organizing the 500 moving parts of drop off and pickups of camps and knee deep in post-vacation laundry.

It can be exhausting, time-consuming and downright frustrating sometimes. (Especially before leaving or on the drive when everyone seems miserable.)

We can feel underappreciated and overwhelmed in a hurry.


Know it is worth it.

Those memories are worth it.

Years will go by and nobody will remember all the laundry and planning. The kids will remember “the best summer ever” and seared in your memory for the rest of time will be the smiles, dirty hands and late nights under the stars.

You can always make money you cant always make memories

I remember one summer going camping with my mom, stepdad, and three siblings. The cooler was forgotten, there was a big storm that basically tore our tent down in the middle of the night with us in it. We were tired, filthy and freezing. But honestly, it’s one of my favourite memories as a kid. We still laugh that my younger brother just slept right through it all, even when the tent collapsed.

So when you are in the throws of planning, organizing and pulling your hair out. Stop for a moment, take a deep breath and know it’s all worth it. Even if everyone gets the flu and throws up in the car. Even if nothing goes according to plan. Even if you forget the tent. There are memories being made and it’s all worth it.

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