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“These Are a Few of Our Favourite Things”

Tis the season and oh how we love the holiday’s at Alberta Mamas. As the song goes, here are a few of our FAVOURITE things.

“Getting a Christmas Tree

from my parents farm” ~ Mama Deanne

The first house you see

decorated, with their lights all aglow. That feeling!

Spotting the PERFECT gift

Maybe it’s not super big, but you know it’s something they will really love.

Cooking the turkey

Making sure you’ve taken it out to thaw, getting all your fruits and veggies and spices prepped for stuffing. And in our house, we also dress it with a little bacon.

Advent calendars

Wether they are home made, store bought, for you or for the kids, I’m almost as excited as the kids to see what they get!

Games with friends and family

I remember looking forward to Christmas so much when I was a kid due to the games. I was older than my cousins so eventually, I got to play with the adults. Honestly, I can’t remember the names of most of the Ukrainian card games but I remember they were super fun! Now we play board games with the kids and things like Crazy 8’s!

“Multiple PJ Days

and the fooood” ~ Mama Kim

Holiday Movies

White Christmas is one of my absolute favourites but I am big into old movies like that. My kids watched the Home Alone movies this past Christmas and it was hilarious watching it with them.

Which movies are your faves? What is one of your favourite things about Christmas?

While you’re getting in the spirit, check out my 22 Great Christmas Songs Playlist!

Mama Chris