Ultimate List of Alberta Roadside Attractions with Kids

Updated May 2023

There is almost nothing better than a family road trip – except the incredible number of stops you have to take. Turn those pit stops into sightseeing with points of interest like the world’s largest sausage, fishing lure, and teepee, or a real-life UFO landing pad – talk about must-see roadside attractions!

In honour of all things weird, here’s our ultimate list of all things roadside in Alberta. Not all of these “big things” are truly “giant” or “World’s Largest”, but they certainly make great roadside attractions in Alberta.

“World’s Largest” Trip Plans

Feeling overwhelmed by this list? We know there are so many roadside stops to make across Alberta. We’re working on creating specific road trips for different parts of the province. Check out what we’ve got:

Giant Alberta Attractions Map

As we try to do with all our “All Alberta” content, we’ve split up the roadside attractions into regions.

  • North: anything outside of the Capital (Edmonton) Region north of Highway 16
  • Capital Region: the greater Edmonton Area
  • Central: South of Highway 16, north of Highway 9 to the east and Highway 1 to the west
  • Calgary Region: the greater Calgary area
  • South: anything south of Highway 1 to the west or Highway 9 to the east
  • Rocky Mountains: In general, west of Highway 22 up to Highway 11, where Highway 40 becomes the cutoff to Grande Cache – but, like geology, it’s hard to draw a straight line.

Use this map to help find giant Alberta monuments along your next road trip.

Northern Alberta Landmarks

Going roughly from west to east, these roadside attractions are located north of Highway 16 in Alberta. Be sure to check out our North East Alberta Road Side Attractions day trip plan.

1. Mozzy the Mosquito – Rainbow Lake

Made of an old pump jack we wouldn’t drive an hour and a half west of High River to Rainbow Lake just to see this, but if you ever get a photo of it and want to share, we’d love to post it here!

2. World’s Biggest Beaver – Beaverlodge

Kids checking out Beaverlodge, Alberta's Giant Beaver Statue

Worth a detour just to get photos of your kids climbing a giant beaver, head an hour west of Grande Prairie to Beaverlodge to see the 15 foot tall giant beaver.

3. Sundial & 4. Trumpeter Swan – Grande Prairie

Snap a photo of the 40 foot sundial at Centre 2000 (catch it lit up at night!) and the Trumpeter Swan statue in Grande Prairie.

5. World’s Largest Railroad Spike – Hines Creek

Located at the historical northwest end of the rail line, this village built the World’s Largest Spike in 1992.

6. Bull and Rider – Brownvale

The 15 foot tall statue outside the Brownvale North Peace Agricultural Museum was original built for the Alberta Pavilion at Expo 86.

7. 12 Foot Davis Statue – Peace River

The name says it all – this wooden statue of “12 Foot Davis” who struck it rich on gold found on a 12 foot land claim.

8. World’s Largest Bee – Fahler

Built in 1990 by a local welder, Fahler lays claim to the world’s largest bee statue.

9. Syncrude Giants of Mining – Mildred Lake

Little boy pointing up to the top of Discover Dragline giant machine at Syncrude Giants of Mining outdoor museum

30 minutes north of Fort McMurray, be awestruck by exactly how massive the machines they use at site are (and these ones were retired for being too small!).

10. Wilderness Sculpture – Swan Hills

The metal sculpture of a mother swan protecting her nest of five eggs from a grizzly bear is located by the Tourism Information Centre as you enter the village of Swan Hills from the south.

11. World’s Largest Wagon Wheel and Pick Axe – Fort Assiniboine

The 7m tall wagon wheel and 6m pick axe are located next to the Fort Assiniboine Museum in the middle of the hamlet.

12. Aaron the Giant Blue Heron – Barrhead

Created in 1984 and the official mascot of Barrhead, Aaron the 8 foot tall Blue Heron either sits at corner of 50 Street and 49 Street or in “Gazebo Park” after he received some maintenance in 2022.

13. Grain Elevator Sundial – Sangudo

Also serving as the “Welcome to” sign for the hamlet, the Sangudo sundial is shaped like a grain elevator and would make a nice stop to stretch your legs on the drive from Grande Prairie to Edmonton.

14. World’s Largest Working Weathervane – Westlock

Stop by the Alberta Tractor Museum in Westlock and see the world’s largest working weathervane with a real tractor on the top! The museum is open year round, but always double check the hours and their social media (they’re active!) before heading out.

15. Sunflower – Thorhild

Located in the Sunflower Memorial Park, this flower on a stick let’s you check off another “random landmark”, but I don’t think I’d make a side trip just to see it.

16. World’s Largest Oil Derrick – Redwater

This red tower is impressively massive. Read up on it and the town’s history at the covered picnic shelter next to it, known as the Legacy Interpretive Centre.

17. Record Setting Pumpkins – Smoky Lake

Giant pumpkins in the Smoky Lake pumpkin park with the dedication sign in front.

A half dozen giant pumpkins are on the edge of the parking lot for the haunted CN Museum (free admission). Stop by around 11am to hear the ghost flush the toilet!

18. World’s Largest Mallard Duck – Andrew

Nestled in the small town of Andrew, this 23 foot wing-span Mallard Duck sits in the town square next to the local campground.

The World’s Largest Mallard Duck is part of our North East Alberta Road Side Attractions day trip which starts in Edmonton.

19. World’s Largest Ukrainian Sausage – Mundare

World's Largest Ukrainian Sausage in Mundare with the interpretive sign visible.

Go ahead, make the joke. But make sure to grab a photo to prove you’ve visited the 42 foot tall giant ring of meat. While you’re in town stop in at Stawnichy’s for the real deal kielbasa.

The World’s Largest Sausage in Mundare is part of our North East Alberta Road Side Attractions day trip which starts in Edmonton.

20. World’s Largest Mushrooms – Vilna

World's largest mushrooms in Vilna. You can see the playground and ice rink pad in the background.

Over 20 feet tall, these mushrooms are in the Historic Village of Vilna (be sure to check out main street, which has had a big makeover in recent years).

These giant mushrooms are part of our North East Alberta Road Side Attractions day trip which starts in Edmonton.

21. David Thompson Monument – Lac la Biche

Placed on the lakeshore to mark the town’s bicentenial (200 years!) is the David Thompson Monument. Be sure to visit the Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park while you’re in the area.

22. UFO Landing Pad – St Paul

Interior of the St Paul UFO Landing Pad Visitor Centre with two signs. The first reads "Welcom to the Landing Pad. Tansi. Doubra Dang. Bonjour. Kumasta. Hello. Nihao." The second reads "Number of Alien Landings to Date: 0"
Everyone has a photo of the landing pad, but this sign inside the visitor centre made me laugh out loud!

Built to mark the Canadian centennial, the UFO Landing Pad and visitor centre in St Paul is a great spot to stretch your legs. If you’re a fan of small town museums the St Paul Museum is one of the best we’ve visited – be sure to get a copy of the scavenger hunt for the kids.

23. World’s Largest Pyrogy – Glendon

Spell it perogy, pyrogy, pyrohy, or varenyky that dough wrapped mashed potato dumpling is a staple of Ukrainian cooking. Grab a photo with the World’s Largest Perogy and burn off some energy at the playground in Glendon. There’s also public toilets at the end of the parking lot.

The giant perogy is part of our North East Alberta Road Side Attractions day trip which starts in Edmonton.

24. Angus Shaw Statue – Bonnyville

Made of local cedar, the Angus Shaw statue is located next to the 13 building Bonnyville & District Museum (family admission is only $10 in 2023).

25. Can Duck – Ardmore

The next time you’re driving along Highway 28 between Bonnyville and Cold Lake take a brief detour to see the Can Duck outside the Ardmore community hall. It’s sure to make you smile!

26. Peter Fidler Statue – Elk Point

The chainsaw-carved 32-foot tall Peter Fidler statue, a Hudson Bay fur trader and surveyor, commemorates the bi-centennial of Elk Point in 1992. It is located at the north end of town next to the Elk Point Welcome sign.

27. World’s Largest Chuckwagon – Dewberry

It’s hard to find details on this Chuckwagon, and none of the Mamas have made it out for a visit yet. Please share your experience with us! It looks like the best time to visit would be during the Chuckwagon races in June.

Capital Region (Edmonton and Area) Roadside Attractions

The Edmonton Region has a good share of “really big things” to visit in Alberta, with a number of record holders.

28. 737 Airplane – Villeneuve

Located on the north side of Highway 633, the old Bowing 737 plane sits in a field next to the Villeneuve Airport.

29. Airplane Weathervane – Morinville

Find this unusual weathervane on the west side of Highway 2 a couple kilometres south of Morinville.

30. World’s Largest Badminton Racket – St Albert

Giant badminton racket and Red Will Badminton Club sign in St Albert

Just down the road from the Fire Hall and RCMP Station (don’t speed! – but serious, don’t, St Albert loves their photo radar), the big red racket marks the entrance to the Red Willow Badminton Centre.

31. Giant (Geese) Wheat – St Albert

Artwork "Migration" in St Albert (geese on poles to resemble wheat)

Part of the city’s Art in Public Places program, “Migration” was installed in 2018 and is something to behold! Check it out during the Saturday Farmer’s Market (the largest outdoor farmers’ market in Western Canada) in the summer, or drive right up to it almost any other time.

32. West Edmonton Mall – Edmonton

Dethroned from “World’s Largest Shopping Mall” in 2004, WEM still holds the records for world’s largest indoor lake, indoor wave pool, and parking lot. If you just want a photo of the mall it’s most photographic from the west, but we suggest you head indoors to see everything it has to offer.

33. World’s Largest Cowboy Boot – Edmonton

Built in 1989 for Western Boot Factory, One Stop Biker Shop is now home to the almost 40 foot tall boot.

34. Giant Baseball Bat – Edmonton

(Former) World's Largest Baseball Bat in Edmonton

Dethroned in 2014 after holding the “world’s largest” title for only ten years, the giant metal bat stands 14.9 meters tall at a the northeast corner of a busy intersection. Look closely and maybe Street View where you’re going to park before heading to take photos here.

35. Giant Milk Bottle – Edmonton

Huge White Milk bottle with red ECD logo

The story behind the milk bottle is worth a read! Once you know the history, go visit it the next time you’re at an event at the EXPO Centre.

36. Muttart Conservatory – Edmonton

While it doesn’t hold any records, the four glass pyramids are pretty unique! Be sure to go inside to check out the three permanent biomes and fourth rotating exhibit, or cross the street and walk across the Tawatina pedestrian bridge.

37. Dove of Peace – Edmonton

Located in Gallagher Park behind the Muttart Conservatory, the Dove of Peace was commissioned for the 1984 visit by Pope John Paul II, and was refurbished in 2022 for Pop Francis’ visit.

38. World’s Largest Replica Stanley Cup – Edmonton

Built to celebrate Hockey Alberta’s centennial and United Cycle’s 80th birthday, this massive monument to hockey stands in the parking lot of United Cycle and Old Strathcona Antique Mall.

Central Alberta Attractions

We’re calling the area south of Highway 16, north of Highway 9 to the east and Highway 1 to the west “Central Alberta”. With over 25 photo stop worthy landmarks, there are plenty of way points to stretch your legs at on your next road trip in the area!

39. Eddie the Squirrel – Edson

Across the street from the skate park, Eddie the Squirrel Jr. lives in the center of the park – as a good squirrel should. I love how this “nutty” little town embraced the rodent!

40. Paul Bunyan’s Bowling Ball – Drayton Valley

While it looks like concrete in photos, the “bowling ball” is natural! This boulder was dug out of from Anderson’s Sand & Gravel. It was a product of nature and it was this spherical when they pulled it out! It weighs 36, 650 Ibs (16, 583 Kg).

41. Giant Dragonfly – Wabamun

Wabamun dragonfly

Made from aircraft wings, a light pole, and propane tanks, the nearly 10m Giant Dragonfly at the entrance to Wabamun is a sight to behold. It has been beautifully painted and is mounted high in the sky facing north – which can make photos tricky. Best to come early or late in the day if it’s sunny, or you’ll just get a dragonfly silhouette.

42. World’s Largest Pysanka (Easter) Egg – Vegreville

Day trips from Edmonton

I feel like this is one of the most famous landmarks in Alberta. At least for anyone in Edmonton, when you mention giant roadside attractions, one of the first things mentioned is Vegreville’s Giant Easter Egg. If you visit in the summer, check out the “borrow a boat” program!

43. Ernie the Cut Bank Penguin – Innisfree

Gifted to the town after filming “Cut Bank” there, this 27 foot tall penguin is a reproduction of the one in Cut Bank, Montana.

44. World’s Largest Sundial – Lloydminster

While Guinness gives the record to a sundial in Italy, this 197 diameter sundial in Bud Miller All Season Park looks best from above, but play a round of disc golf with it in the background.

45. Suzie, the World’s Largest Softball – Chauvin

Suzie the Softball is on the side of the highway, nestled in with some trees. If you drive down 53 Street a little there is a playground on one side and a skate park on the other.

46. World’s Largest Buffalo – Wainwright

Located just off the highway, the giant buffalo statue was erected in 1965 in honour of Buffalo National Park. Yes, we know they’re bison. You tell that to Wainwright!

47. Brown Eyed Susan – Hughenden

There isn’t much to be found online about this lovely large flower, but the next time you’re driving on Highway 13 just west of Highway 41, stop in the tiny town of Hughenden to see “Susan.”

48. Giant Mosquito – Galahad

About 5km south of the Hamlet of Galahad this mosquito embodies the “random things found on the side of the road” of rural Alberta.

49. Canada’s Largest Baseball Glove – Heisler

Just off the highway and near a playground, the 13.5 foot tall baseball glove is a fun photo stop and chance to stretch your legs.

50. World’s Largest Lamp – Donalda

How do you bring people to your lamp museum? Build the World’s Largest Oil Lamp! At 42 feet high it’s eye catching, and the museum it sits beside is a fun stop, too.

51. Alberta’s Largest Northern Pike – Rochan Sands

The Summer Village of Rochan Sands has one of my favourite pages dedicated to their “Largest” object, be sure to go read it when you head out to visit Alberta’s Largest Northern Pike.

52. “The Legacy” – World’s Largest Bucking Saddle Bronc and Rider – Ponoka

53. World’s Largest Fishing Lure – Lacombe

54. Giant Cream Can – Markerville

55. World’s Largest Animated Grizzly Bear – Innisfail

56. Giant Gopher (Clem T. Gofur) – Torrington

57. Giant Golf Tee – Trochu

58. Squirt the Skunk – Beiseker

59. World’s Largest Dinosaur – Drumheller

60. Miner – Rosedale

61. Last Wooden Tipple in Canada – Atlas Coal Mine

62. World’s Largest Geese – Hanna

63. Giant Crown – Coronation

64. Centennial Clock Tower – Oyen

Calgary Area Points of Interest

Calgary is a town of statues and art, but not a lot of “really big stuff” – and some of the big things have long since lost their title. They still make good points of interest, a way to spend the day around town with kids, or a place to stretch your legs.

65. “Man of Vision” cowboy statue – Cochrane

Photo Credit: Julie Tuite

66. Black Diamond – Diamond Valley

67. World’s Largest Golf Ball – Calgary

68. Calgary Tower – Calgary

69. “Travelling Light” Blue Ring – Calgary

70. Giant Cowboy Statue – Airdrie

71. Korean Totem Poles – Airdrie

Things to See in Southern Alberta

72. Saamis Tepee (World’s Largest Tepee) – Medicine Hat

73. Giant Chess Board – Medicine Hat

74. World’s Largest Putter – Bow Island

75. Pinto Macbean: World’s Largest Pinto Bean – Bow Island

76. Giant Sunflower – Bow Island

77. Sammy and Samantha: Giant Potatoes – Vauxhall

78. Giant Corn Stalk – Taber

79. Giant T-Rex – Milk River

This dinosaur is listed on many of the most complete “Giant Alberta” lists, but it isn’t really that large. It makes for a place to stop en-route to Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, which is definitely worth the visit!

80. World’s Largest Wind Gauge – Lethbridge

81. The Largest Pincher – Pincher Creek

82. Replica of the Starship Enterprise (FX-1995-A) – Vulcan

Starship Enterprise in Vulcan

Vulcan has embraced their name and themed the town around Star Trek. From the spaceship shaped visitor info centre, to the Enterprise-styled street lights, the bust of Spock, and the half dozen murals around town Vulcan is THE destination for Star Trek fans in Canada.

Landmarks in the Alberta Rocky Mountains

An eastern border for the Rocky Mountains is hard to define, but in general we say this area is west of Highway 22 until you reach Highway 11, where Highway 40 becomes the cutoff until Grande Cache – but, like geology, it’s hard to draw a straight line.

83. World’s (Former) Largest Piggy Bank – Coleman

While it lost the title in 2015 to a pig in Germany, this retired “gauge air driven thermos bottle mine locomotive” is located in Flumerfelt Park in historic Coleman. Enjoy the playground in the park or explore The Miner’s Path. Pick up an interpretive pamphlet that describes the old mine site from the Crowsnest Museum before hitting the trail.

84. The Caen More (“Big Head”) Sculpture – Canmore

Across the street from Policeman’s Creek Boardwalk, this is a great starting point to stretch your legs. What kid doesn’t love a boardwalk?

85. Rocky the Big Horn Ram – Grande Cache

A block down the road from A&W, Rocky shares his park with the cenotaph and a picnic bench. If you’re looking to stretch your legs head a bit deeper into town and check out Labyrinth Park.

86 & 87. Giant Crows Guarding their Nest – Blairmore and Bellevue

Twin sculptures in Blairmore and Bellevue, living up to the “Crowsnest Pass” name. Public bathrooms are available across the street from the one in Bellevue.

More Unique Alberta Destinations to Explore

If this list wasn’t long enough for you, be sure to check out some of these other Don’t Miss Attractions in Alberta:

  1. Drumheller’s dinosaurs: these colourful cartoonish dinosaurs are all over town!
  2. 37 murals in the Village of Legal
  3. Grain Elevators
  4. Alberta places with fabulous names
  5. Little Churches (post coming soon!)
  6. Fabulously Creative Museums of Alberta (post coming soon!)

Thanks for checking out our massive guide to roadside attractions in Alberta! Please be sure to follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest) for more.

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