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31+ Outdoor Pools In Alberta That You Have To Check Out This Summer

Raymond Outdoor Pool

Updated April 23, 2024

When we go camping, we love checking out activities that are local to the area that we are staying in and that includes checking out some of the best outdoor pools in Alberta! Here are some that you can put on your list!

Are you looking for a CAMPGROUND with a pool? Check out this post: Campgrounds with Pools in Alberta: Plan a Splashing Good Time! All the campgrounds listed are open to the public – you don’t need to have a membership to stay in them.

Please Note: We do our best to keep the information Alberta Mamas current and accurate, but all information shared is subject to change. Please check the website and/or social media for the organizations directly (we always try to link to them!) to confirm before traveling.

The McKay Ranch Outdoor Aquatic Centre (Abbey Centre) 

Abbey Centre outdoor pool

Address: Box 220, 4500 Womacks Rd, Blackfalds, AB

Admission: Free/under 1, $1/1-2yrs, $5/3-7 yrs, $5.50/8-12yrs, $6.50/13-17yrs, $9/adults, $7/seniors, $20/family

This fee provides admission to the entire Abby Centre, including the indoor play space.

About the pool: With a spray park with tot slides, giant tipping buckets and lots of spray features, plus the leisure pool with a zero-depth entrance with beach features, a little tots’ area, and two three-story water slides.

Visit the Abby Centre website.

Henderson Lake

Henderson Lake Pool in Lethbridge

Address: 2710 Parkside Drive South, Lethbridge, AB

Admission: Free/0-2yrs, $4.25/3-12 yrs, $4.75/13-17 yrs + students(18-21yrs), $7/adult, $5.25/senior, $17/family

About the pool: With a climbing wall, two water slides, zero depth entry, spray park, concession and more this pool is the place to be in the Lethbridge summer heat!

Visit the City of Lethbridge’s page about Henderson Pool or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Raymond Outdoor Pool 

Address: 60W 100N, Raymond, AB

Admission: (2023 rates) Free/0-3yrs, $5/4-17yrs, $6/adult, $20/family

About the pool: This oasis-themed outdoor pool boasts 2 water slides, a rock climbing wall, 1 and 3 metre diving boards, Jr. Olympic lane pool, spray toys, beach points, shaded picnic area and a toddler section!

Visit the Town of Raymond Recreation webpage.

Aquatera Outdoor Pool

Address: 102 St &, 102 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB

Admission: Free/0-2yrs, $4.50/3-12yrs, $6.50/13-17yrs+students, $8.51/adults, $6.50/seniors, $22/family

About the pool: Located in Muskoseepi Park. The Aquatera Outdoor Pool features a tots pool, waterslide, zero beach, Spanish steps and lily islands, greenspace and a picnic area.

Visit the Aquatera outdoor pool website

Bassano Swimming Pool

Bassano swimming pool

Address: 253 – 6 Avenue, Bassano, AB

Admission: Free/0-2yrs, $4/3-7 yrs, $6/8-17yrs, $7/adult, $6/senior, $26/family

About the pool: The pool has a zero-grade entry, diving boarding, slide, hot tub, and vending machines.

Visit the Bassano Swimming Pool website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Cardston Outdoor Pool

Address: 64 4th Ave West, Cardston, AB

Admission: Free/0-3yrs, $5/4-17yrs, $6/adult, $20/family

About the pool: Two water slides, lazy river, zero entry with splash features, baby pool, and a six lane lap pool are part of this local attraction.

Visit the Cardson Swimming Pool page or follow them on Facebook.

Crowsnest Pass Community Pool

Crowsnest Pass Community Pool

Address: 11973 20th Avenue Blairmore, AB

Admission: Free/0-2yrs, $5/3-8yrs, $6/9-17yrs, $10/adult, $6/senior, $20/family

About the pool: Renovated in 2016, the pool features a zero-depth entrance with spray features, dedicated toddler pool, water slide, 6 lane lap pool, lazy river, and hot tub.

Visit Pass Pool online.

Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool

Address: 207 Main Street NE, Diamond Valley, AB

Admission: Free/0-2yrs, $2/3-5yrs, $4.25/6-17yrs, $7/adult, $5.50/senior, $17/family

About the pool: While it isn’t fancy, this outdoor pool typically operates from June to September in the town of Diamond Valley with a springboard diving board, and “basketball” nets on either side of the shallow end.

Visit the DLM Pool online.

Drumheller Outdoor Pool

Address: 100 Riverside Drive West, Drumheller, AB

Admission: Free/0-5yrs, $5/6-17yrs, $8.75/adult, $6.25/60+, $20/family

About the pool: Admission gets you into both the indoor and outdoor pools at the Aquaplex, next to the World’s Largest Dinosaur and free splash park. The outdoor pool is just a 6 lane lap pool. Indoors is the zero entry pool, with separate hot tub, steam room, and 150 foot waterslide.

Visit the Drumheller Aquaplex webpage.

Entwistle Outdoor Pool

Address: 4916 51 Street, Entwistle, AB

Admission: Free/0-5yrs, $4/6-12yrs, $5/13-17yrs, $6/adult, $5/55+, $15/family

About the pool: The Entwistle Outdoor Pool features a 4 Lane x 25m pool, beach area with spray toys, a diving board and water slide.

Visit them on the Parkland County website.

Fahler Regional Pool

Address: #129 Central Avenue S.E., Fahler, AB

Admission: Free/0-2yrs, $4/3-5yrs, $8/6-17yrs, $9/adult, $8/55+, $30/family

  • Watch for free Sponsor Swim periods!

About the pool: Fahler’s pool is a pretty basic 4 lane pool with simple slide and diving board. They are having some staffing issues in 2023 and have limited their hours for the season.

Visit the Town of Fahler‘s page.

Richardson Pioneer Central Peace Aquatic Centre

Address: 4812 44 Ave, Spirit River, AB

Admission: Free/0-2yrs, $4.50/3-12yrs, $6/13-17yrs, $7/adult, $6/60+, $22/family

About the pool: Renovated in 2013, this pool features whirlpool, beach entry, water slides, spray features, and more!

Visit the Town of Spirit River‘s website or follow them on Facebook.

Rimbey Aquatic Centre

Address: 5120 53rd Avenue, Rimbey, AB

Admission: Not available online in 2023

About the pool: The pool features a Jr. Olympic pool, leisure pool, waterslide, hot tubs, diving boards, spray park and a change room building.

Visit them online at Rimbey Recreation or on Facebook.

Shirley McClellan Aquatic Centre

Shirley McClellan Aquatic Centre Oyen outdoor pool

Address: 301 8th Ave, Oyen, AB

Admission: Free/0-5 yrs, $4/6-12 yrs, $5/13-17 yrs, $6/18-64 yrs, $5/65+ yrs, $18/family (additional charge for all day admission)

About the pool: On the “fun” side is a zero depth entrance with the yellow mushroom “spray” feature, lazy river, and waterslide, and a five lane lap pool with diving board on the other.

Visit the Town of Oyen’s Shirley McClellan Aquatic Centre page and Facebook page.

Stirling Swimming Pool

Stirling community pool

Address: 337 5 St, Stirling, AB

Admission: Free/0-3 yrs, $5/4-17yrs, $6/adults, $25/family

About the pool: Near two playgrounds and the town campground, this pool features a shallow kiddie area/spash park, waterslide, and lap pool. Be sure to check out the What’s Pop’n Pop Shop as well.

Visit the Sterling Swimming Pool website and Facebook page.

Trochu Swimming Pool and Splash Park

Trochu pool from behind the diving board at sunrise
Credit: Trochu Swimming Pool

Address: 401 School Road, Trochu

Admission: Free/0-3yrs, $2.75/4-5yrs, $4.75/6-17yrs, $5.75/adult, $4.75/55+, $16/family

About the pool: A simple five lane pool is located next to Brian’s Splash Park in the town of Trochu. They have a super active Facebook presence, be sure to check it out!

Visit the Town of Trochu‘s website and the pool’s Facebook page.

Vauxhall Outdoor Pool

Vauxhall Swimming pool

Address: 417 4 Ave N, Vauxhall, AB

Admission: Free/0-4yrs, $5/5yrs+

About the pool: Vauxhall pool features a zero entry toddler area with spray features, a wandering river, and lap pool with a unique water slide. While you’re in the area, be sure to visit the Vauxhall Giant Potato.

Visit the Town of Vauxhall outdoor pool webpage.

Vulcan Pool

Address: 516 Centre Street, Vulcan, AB

Admission: Free/0-1 yrs, $6/2-17yrs, $7/adults, $6/65+, $25/family

About the pool: With a 10-person accessible hot tub, zero entry pool, spray features with spray park, 1m diving board, climbing wall, inflatable toys, and two waterslides this pool is going to be a fun stop in the Star Trek themed town!

Visit the Vulcan Pool webpage, or follow them on Facebook.

Mount Pleasant (Calgary)

Address: 2310 6 St NW, Calgary, AB

Admission: Free/0-2yrs, $5/3yrs+ for 90 minutes

About the pool: Mount Pleasant Outdoor Swimming Pool is operated by the Mount Pleasant Community Association in partnership with the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pools Association. It has a zero depth entry, basic slide, and a concession available.

Visit the Mount Pleasant Community Association‘s site, and Calgary Outdoor Pool Association for Mount Pleasant pool.

Other Outdoor Pools in Calgary

Be sure to check out these other outdoor pools in Calgary as well. The same admission rates apply.

Borden Natural Swimming Pool

natural swimming pool in Borden Park

Address: 7615 Borden Park Rd NW, Edmonton,  AB

Admission: Free/0-12yrs, $7.50/13-17yrs, $9/adults, $7.50/seniors, $24/household

About the Pool: Naturally filtered water – no chlorine or salt used! There is a kiddie pool and gradual entry full sized pool. Read our full post about the Borden Pool.

Visit the Borden Natural Swimming Pool website.

Other Outdoor Pools in Edmonton

Be sure to check out these other outdoor pools in Edmonton as well. The same admission rates apply.

More Outdoor Pools in the Edmonton Area

Alexandra Outdoor Pool

Address: 5 Alexandra Park, Leduc, AB

Admission: Free/0-2yrs, $3.75/3-7 yrs, $4.75/8-17yrs & seniors, $6/adults, $15.50/family

About the pool: Chlorine water with a 1.5m deep main pool, dive tank, 1m diving board, and waterslide. The free water park is next door.

Visit the Alexandra Outdoor Pool website.

Grosvenor Outdoor Pool

Address: 1 Grenfell Avenue, St. Albert, AB

Admission: Free/0-1yrs, $4.50/2-12yrs, $6/13-17yrs, $7.25/adult, $6/60+yrs, $17.50/family

About the pool: St Albert is keeping things simple with a large leisure pool and a deep diving tank.

Visit the City of St Albert Grosvenor pool page.

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