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What I Want for Mother’s Day This Year

Fresh flowers in a white pot against a white wall

Pay attention dads and kids! Between the 6 of us founders here at Alberta Mamas we have 13 children ranging from 12-2 years old and we LOVE Mother’s Day. What’s not to love? It’s basically a day dedicated to how great we are and sometimes works as a free pass day, if we’re lucky. I polled our group and asked them what their top 2 Mother’s Day gifts would be- and you can clearly see a trend! Read on for some inspiration and feel free to pass along to those who should be spoiling you on Sunday….

  • Nicola- Mama to James (11), Madelyn (10) & Beatrice (8)

Dinner and breakfast that I don’t have to make. 

Margaritas on the deck & well behaved children who handmade some presents.

  • Christine- Mama to Carter (7), Sophie (5) & Finn (2)

Time to binge watch Netflix with no guilt whatsoever.

ALL the laundry done. I’m talking washed, folded and put away.

  • Deanne- Mama to Jack (8) & Gavin (5)

Something handmade that the kid’s teachers didn’t have to force them to make. They never sit still long enough to make something themselves!

A packed lunch (that I didn’t make & won’t clean up) that we can take on a bike ride to a park and spend the afternoon. 25+ weather would be great too!

  • Chris- Mama to Hayden (7) & Hudson (5)

I would love a make over spa day, this mama needs some pampering!

A drive out to a lake side spot with dinner by the campfire. 

  • Jen- Mama to Mackenzie (6) & Morgan (4)

I really like getting flowers and I totally don’t care if that’s cheesy! 

A photo taken of my kids with me actually in it. 

  • Kimberly- Mama to Lucas (4)

A gift certificate for a house cleaner. Let’s be honest, I’m terrible at this “domestic goddess” thing. 

Brunch out with my husband and son followed by a stroll through the river area in St. Albert. But, not a hike. No one can hike after a brunch buffet;)

What would you like for Mother’s Day this year, mama?

Every Day Girl