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When to Decorate?

Christmas Pillows

Ok Mamas. I need your help. The Christmas bug got me early this year! I am usually a “week before Christmas” kind of person.

When do I decorate?

Maybe it is because I usually do so many Christmas events back to back and I am kind of sick of Christmas by the time November hits.

But this year it is more spread out with a trip thrown in there to break things up.

Maybe it’s because we get a real tree and I don’t want to pick up needles for 6 weeks so we put our tree up a week before the big day.

But this year – while we’re still getting a real tree eventually – we have a small, fake tree downstairs. Those twinkling lights are getting to me in a good way.

Maybe it’s because I am low key jealous of the kids’ advent calendars. Who doesn’t like a toy and a chocolate every morning when they wake up!

But this year a friend found me a cheese advent calendar so I will be just as excited as the kids every morning.

Something has happened this year.

I am more excited this year than I can remember ever being since it was the Christmas I asked for a doll house and not only did Santa deliver – but it was HUGE and pink and had stairs for my Barbies to go up and down. It was a good Christmas.

So, I need some help.

When do I decorate?

How long do you leave it up after Christmas?

Do you get sick of it and want to rip it all down by December 14th?

Do you put it all out at once or slowly?

Tell this Christmas Grinch all your early decorating/celebrating the season tips please!

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