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Five Reasons to Check Out Calaway Park Before Summer is Done

Kids on the train ride at Calaway Park

Whether you are looking for something to add to your summer road trip plans, need to get out of the house because the kids are bored again, or you just want to do something fun as a family before school starts, you should consider adding Calaway Park to your summer plans!

Why Calaway Park is on our summer bucket list:

  1. The Rides – We have been going to Calaway Park with the kids every year since they were little and the thing we love about the park is that there is something for every age. The smaller rides are intermingled with the bigger ones making it easy to keep the little ones entertained while the older kids wait in the longer line ups.
  2. The Food – They have really stepped up their game with the food! Butter Chicken, Teriyaki Steak Sandwiches, the cheesiest Grilled Cheese and Poutine (Including regular, Butter Chicken and Pulled Pork!) They still have all the classics of course including burgers, fries, mini donuts and our families favourite – Ice Cream. The Dockside Diner is a great place to stop and have lunch when you go. It is a quiet area by a pond looking out on the park making it a perfect spot to take a break from the crowds and have lunch. We love that you are able to bring in your own food as well if you choose. They have picnic spots all over the park and lots of benches you can sit on to have a snack.
  3. The Size – We love Calaway because you can easily get to every ride without feeling rushed. The park is small enough to see everything but large enough and has enough rides to spend a full day. We hit up the park as soon as it opens to get all the bigger rides with typically longer line ups done first. If it looks like it will be a hot day do the water ride first. We went on it three times in a row with no line ups!
  4. Convenience – If you live in the Calgary area it is easy to pop over for the day but it is so easy to add Calaway Park into your summer road trip plans. Being on the highway between Calgary and Banff makes it an easy stop on your way to the mountains. If you are hoping to stay in the campsite by the park call ahead. They were booked up already and couldn’t take a last minute reservation even during the week. Kananaskis has great camping close by though making it an easy day trip while staying there or you can do what we did and park the trailer in a Walmart parking lot. It isn’t fancy but I was able to pick up all those last minute things I forgot while packing the trailer for our trip.
  5. The Cost – A family of four is $119.95 + GST making it a reasonable cost for a family outing especially because you can spend the whole day there. If you come after 2pm you can get a discounted rate of $23.95 per person making it cheaper. Calaway Park closes at 7pm (Fall hours start on September 9th when they close at 6pm and are only open on weekends after that) giving you lots of time to explore the park still. There are always coupons for two for one admissions so do a quick search online before you go. Tourism Calgary is one we use often for coupons.

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