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Get Creative With These FREE Family-Friendly Online Painting Classes

5 Family-Friendly Online Painting Classes You Can Take For FREE

One of the things that we have been doing to pass the time in our house is some of the free online painting classes that are available through Facebook. If you’re looking for something new to do with the family, this may be something to add to your list of activities.

Family-Friendly Online Painting Classes

Art After Dark
If you want to paint a baby Yoda that’s pictured in this blog post, this is who we took the class through. There are also videos up on how to learn how to paint fireflies, ladybugs, and a panda.
View classes here

Zealous Art
Choose from a variety of options for your family to paint! These include a butterfly, spring blossoms, garden gnome, owl and more.
View classes here

Kay Rose Creative
Check out one of the several classes that have been posted online which include a baby sloth, unicorn, elephant, and owl. As an added bonus there are also videos on painting tips and even some for drawing.
View classes here

East Coast Art Party
Our next family paint night will be from here! So far there have been many live paint sessions which include unicorns, puppies, kittens, superheroes, forkie, pokemon, and mickey mouse.
View classes here

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Prepping all of your paints, napkins, water etc beforehand is super helpful. Some have lists of what you need some tell you in the video.
  • There may be times where you will need to stop or even rewind to ensure you’re doing all of the steps. Don’t try to keep up, it’s stressful!
  • While these are free online classes, some of them do give the option to send a tip/donation, if you feel inclined.

Do you know of other free family paint classes that are available online? Comment below so that they can be added to the list! 

Christine Bruckmann is one of the founding members of Alberta Mamas and is known to everyone as the research ninja. When she’s not writing about fun things you can find her on her blog Just Another Edmonton Mommy.