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Kids Birthdays Aren’t The Oscars, They Don’t NEED Goody Bags

Kids Birthdays Aren't The Oscars, They Don't NEED Goody Bags

I’ll be honest with you, I have loved making goody bags for my kid’s birthdays. However, and that’s a BIG HOWEVER never once have I judged anyone for choosing not to make them and I’ve always taught my kids to be grateful that they’ve been invited to a birthday part and to not expect anything else.

Kids Birthdays Aren’t The Oscars

Last week as I was perusing one of the Facebook parenting groups that I am in, I came upon a post from a parent asking if other parents would think it’s rude if their kids didn’t’ get a “gift” to take home.

I was appalled by what this question was insinuating and clearly it struck a chord with me because even a week later it’s still weighing on my mind. Parents getting upset because their child didn’t get a gift from a birthday that they were attending?

Whose birthday is it anyway?!?

We do so much cool shit these days for kids’ birthday parties as it is with indoor playgrounds, video game trailers that come to your home, petting zoos etc that there seems to be the expectation that there always has to be something more. News flash. There doesn’t need to be more.

If you’re one to make goody bags and you take joy in making them or letting your kids make them then all the power to you. But if not, that’s cool too. To each their own.

For any parent that needs to hear it – this is not the Oscars. Kids. Don’t. NEED. Goody. Bags. (and no one will think that you’re being rude either.)

Christine Bruckmann is one of the founding members of Alberta Mamas and is known to everyone as the research ninja. When she’s not writing about fun things you can find her on her blog Just Another Edmonton Mommy.