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Pit Stops Between Calgary + Edmonton – Sweet Market Esso

Sweet Market Esso

If you travel between Calgary and Edmonton, chances are you’ve stopped at Gasoline Alley in Red Deer. There are many favourite stops for us on Gasoline Alley and one of them is Sweet Market Esso.

Sweet Market Esso

The first thing that you will see when you go inside Sweet Market Esso is their massive candy area. Filled with every flavour of salt water taffy, jelly belly beans, hot lips, liquorice and other candy from your childhood it’s all available to purchase for the price of $2.85/100 grams.

While you’re there you will find a train that chugs along on tracks which are suspended from the ceiling. There is a button in the candy area that starts it and is perfect for little ones that love trains.

The bathroom is nothing like I have seen in a gas station bathroom before and if I ever wrote a “top bathrooms in Alberta” blog post this would probably be #1. (Side note if you know of other bathrooms in Alberta send an email to

If you’re looking for something to eat that is a tad bit healthier there is also a small market area that makes fresh pizza, paninis, sandwiches and more. You will also find your typical selection of drinks and snacks and other convenience items that you would find at a gas station.

Sweet Market Esso

Sweet Market Esso is open daily 6am-10pm and you can find them at 172 Leva Av (right by the Costco). You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram