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Whirlwind Alberta Tour: Culture, History, and Top Attractions (8-day/7-night Road Trip)

Kid raising arms in victory with mountains in the background

Out-of-province friends or family coming for a visit and you want to show off Alberta? My Toronto-based world-traveling cousin is (ahem – finally) visiting her Alberta relatives, and we have one week to tour the province. It’s going to be a whirlwind with highlights in Edmonton, Jasper, Banff, and Calgary to show off the best of what Alberta has to offer! Here’s my itinerary for 1 week in Alberta.

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Day Trip to Drumheller

Updated May 10, 2023

By Kathryn Wright

What does every 4 year old know way more about than most adults? Dinosaurs, of course!

I found myself alone with 4 kids aged 1, 4, 7, and 11 for two full days last week and wanted to find an activity that was age appropriate and interesting for all of them. I decided that a day trip to Drumheller and the Royal Tyrrell Museum would be a great way to spend one of our days together. 

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5 Alberta Dinosaur Facts That Will Make You Look Like A Dino Boss

There are 2 times in your life (unless you’re a paleontologist) that you’ll know everything about dinosaurs: when you’re a kid and when you have a kid. There’s no in-between. When you have a dino-loving kid they know literally everything anyone could possibly know about anything. Kids. Love. Dinosaurs. It’s a great thing that we live in Alberta, because Alberta has a lot of dinosaurs! That’s why we’ve come up with 3 factoids about Albertan dinosaurs you can stash in your back pocket next time your little scientist thinks they know everything there is to know about the giant lizards. Read more

Family Trip! Drumheller Alberta


I hadn’t been to Drumheller since I was a kid and all I recall from that trip was spraining my ankle in a gopher hole and going to a really big museum. Needless to say, Drumheller wasn’t really on my radar. It wasn’t until Ford Canada gave us a sweet truck to drive around for the weekend and I started researching fun places within Alberta for a weekend trip that I rediscovered this amazing family destination. Read more