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Where to Throw Axes and Smash Things in Edmonton & Calgary

Axe throwing at Axe Monkeys

We’ve made it through January! Typically dreaded as one of the longest and worst months in Alberta- we’ve just come crashing down from Christmas, struggled to get back to routine, our wallets might be lighter, our skin is dry, there was a new moon and we’ve battled a tremendous cold snap…. SO if you are feeling particularly ragey right now, don’t feel bad! One of the best ways to release this energy and feel a little better (aside from screaming in your pantry with the door closed while you eat hidden chocolate) is to throw axes and smash things! Trust us, we’ve done it and it helps!

Where to Throw Axes and Smash things in Edmonton:

Axe Monkeys– This place has the best of both worlds- you can throw axes for a bit and then enter the Rage Room and smash things like old electronics, glassware and other housewares. Make sure you wear the viking helmet for extra fun.

The Rec Room– Toss some axes and then go for a snack and beer!

Smarty Pantz Smash Room– Here you can do a mystery smash and rage your way to winning prizes!

Axe Throwing at Axe Monkeys

Where to Throw Axes and Smash things in Calgary:

Axe Throwing Calgary– This place also has a yummy looking menu for when you’ve worked up an appetite.

Axe Games– Bring the whole family (10+ recommended). The family that throws axes together stays together, right?

BATL Calgary– This North East Calgary location even has digital scoring for the most competitive of axe throwers.

Rival Axe Throwing– Feeling ragey and have a sweet tooth? Located in Airdrie this place serves ice cream from Foothills Creamery.

Thundrdome– We tried the Rage Room a few years ago when it was open and it was SO MUCH FUN! You can also try Safe Axe Throwing for the whole family here- the axes are foam and have suction cups at the ends- but if you go on certain nights they do it in a space with black lights!

Lockdown Calgary Rage Escape– This is a unique taste on a cross between a rage room and escape room. Basically you rage and smash things and can even uncover a special card to trade in your bat for a crowbar. To escape the room? You’ll need to smash enough things to fill up a bin before being granted freedom.

Thundrdome Amusements Calgary

Do you know of any other venues for throwing axes and smashing things in Edmonton or Calgary? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

Happy Raging!

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