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January 16, 2019

First Family Game Night

Family Game Night

One of the best things is when your kids can actually play board games! For me, my son was about 3-4 when we started playing some simple games together and ever since it has been so much fun. Board games are such a great way to bond as a family, learn new skills like problem solving, planning and strategy, practice emerging skills like counting and taking turns and the ever so important: learning to lose and be ok with it.

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January 14, 2019

Edmonton Renovation Show Giveaway!

We don’t know about you but we are SO excited for the snow to melt and the reno’s to begin! But we really don’t even have to wait do we? Lots can be done inside while it’s chilly outside!

With big names like Bryan Baeumler hosts of HGTV’s Bryan Inc., plus, with more than 225 exhibitors and a slew of exciting new features, there’s real advice and real inspiration at the Edmonton Renovation Show!

The 2019 Edmonton Renovation Show runs:

Friday, January 25th, 2019 – 12PM – 9PM
Saturday, January 26th, 2019 – 10AM – 9PM
Sunday, January 27th, 2019  10AM – 6PM

Buy your tickets online here or enter to win passes below in our GIVEAWAY! Did you know, Kids 12 & under are free!

Thanks to the Renovation Show we have a four pack of tickets to giveaway! Tickets can be picked up at the show box office and the draw will be Monday, January 21st.

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January 13, 2019

Kiwi Co Subscribtion Box Review

We have been really trying to encourage experience gifts (see a great list of ideas for Experience Gifts here) and this Christmas the Grandparents knocked it out of the park. One set of Grandparents got the kids an Alberta’s History Annual Pass which allows us to visit numerous museums and historical sites across the province. Over the break we already used it twice (once for the Royal Alberta Museum and once for the Royal Tyrrell Museum) making it already pay for itself and it’s only the first month! You can learn more about these passes and buy your own here. It is only $120 for a family pass so if you plan on exploring the province this summer we highly recommend this pass.

The other set of Grandparents found another great gift idea. Subscription boxes. You remember how excited you used to get when mail came? Well these boxes make that happen every month! This year Grandma found Kiwi Co. and signed the boys up for a Kiwi Box (5-8 years old) and a Tinker Box (9-16+). We have received two boxes so far and I am so impressed with the quality.

Kiwi Box

The Kiwi Box was purchased for our 7 year old. He has been able to do all the activities *mostly* by himself (all himself if you ask him but he did need a bit of help tightening the bolts of one project when he wasn’t looking) using their easy Step by Step instructions.

The best part about these boxes is that EVERYTHING you need comes in one box. They really thought of small details too like adding stickers to hold the yarn down (first photo) so little fingers didn’t have to hold and wrap the yarn around at the same time. This cut down on frustrations and let him do it without help.

The box had everything he needed to make two pom pom monsters and a “Claw” for the arcade game. The Claw had a template to lay out all the pieces on making it easy to match up the shapes and screw the pieces together. The box it was shipped in even became part of the game saving you from having to go find one.

Tinker Box

Finding something for older kids is hard. I had very low expectations for this one but was quite surprised when our 10 year old started to build his Tinker Box. He received the Spin Art Box for his first one. He had to build the whole motor including learning about circuits to make it spin.

Again the box it shipped in became the box he built everything in. He was also able to do everything himself because the instructions were so well written and easy to understand because of all the photos. He has had a lot of fun changing the circuits around making it spin faster and slower to create different effects with the paint.

Overall Review

Kiwi Co. has a wide selection of boxes to choose from (see them all here) and it was nice to be able to find something for both of the boy’s ages from the same company because it ships out on the same day. They both spent a few hours building, making and creating with their boxes and have since pulled them out a few times to play with them.

The instructions are well done, everything you need comes in one box, and the boxes are age appropriate for what their website says. The materials aren’t cheap and won’t fall apart if they pull or push too hard on something. Once the project is built it is sturdy enough to be played with for a while not just a throw away toy. It also comes with a magazine with other activities related to the theme they got and online games/activities they can do as well.

They are a bit more than other subscription boxes coming in at just over $20 per month when you buy a 12 month subscription but I feel like the quality and amount of things you get are worth it. We have gotten two months now and each one has been really good quality.

This was not a paid sponsorship just a really great gift we wanted to share with you!

Box Social Event Planning
Deanne Ferguson is the owner of Box Social Event Planning. When she is not planning fun, family, friendly events she is finding the yummiest food for the Edmonton Home and Garden Show Food Stage. She loves her #cocktailsMonday dates with her husband and chasing around her two boys. You can find her at @DeanneFerguson on Instagram and @BoxSocialYEG on Twitter.
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January 12, 2019

My Jeans Don’t Fit…..And I Don’t Like It.

Last week I got excited. I was thinking about my health, and honestly, I tried on a pair of jeans that fit nicely not two months ago. They now wouldn’t go over my hips. This wasn’t a matter of washing machine shrinkage and the timing of New Years was purely coincidence – promise. It had more to do with the brie and crackers I was consuming, pretty much daily.

Something had to give and unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be my jeans.

I know how it works. I’ve had past experiences with working out 3 times a week, eating healthy and understand portion sizes. Currently, I’ve been making a choice not to care and it’s finally become too obvious to ignore. I have not been working out regularly since I started working full time because “Who has time for that?”.  Honestly, I am all for the “Life is too short” mentality but there are just too many health issues in my family tree to keep on this way. I want to have the best chance to be here for my kids AND I know mentally it will help my anxiety, mood and overall well being.

That’s what drew me to FourFold Lifestyle. I kept seeing the posts on social media that spoke to four aspects of health – Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual. I recognize this is not about just my body – that’s why I keep starting and stopping. It needs to be a lifestyle. So, I reached out – hopeful that this lifestyle will include the odd slice or two of Brie still 😉

First Things First

The first thing we did was meet – online- for 30 minutes so that Jenn, the creator of FourFold, could talk with me about my needs and what they offer. Another great thing about the program is she does everything online, but she is located in Alberta. I learned that there are two different programs offered, one being a little more “hand holding” than the other. That’s the one I went with because I need to be accountable and I like support.

Another reason for writing this post – I am putting it in writing for all of you to see. That in itself is motivation.

Next Up

Jenn sent me some forms to fill out, and an App to download that will be set up with my specific program. The App also syncs up to MyFitnessPal and Fitbit which is really great for me since I use both of those! We met online for our first 1 hr chat. In that conversation, we discussed sleep, my current level of activity and the importance of hydration. We also talked about exercise I have enjoyed in the past.

She also gave me lots of great tips. For example, I’ve been having trouble getting to sleep early enough to get up and work out before the day begins. I’m a morning exercise person – I have no desire to do anything in the evening so she suggested a great Yoga Nidra album I was able to download on Google Play. If you’ve never heard of Yoga Nidra, it’s this amazing guided sleep meditation that just makes your body chill out.

Small steps right?

This first month I’ll be focusing on my water intake, reading labels so I know what’s in my food and sleep. I will have a plan. My exercise program begins next week too! Having someone “in my corner”, helping me along on my health journey is amazing. Jenn really cares, she loves working with women and makes me excited about learning how to make this part of my life. She’s already been so encouraging and that means so much to me.

I’ll be sharing some of my journey on our Instagram and my personal Instagram as well. My successes and the blips!

I could certainly use some cheer leaders. 🙂

Edmonton's Child

This post has been written in partnership with FourFold Lifestyle and an Alberta Mama is receiving partial services in exchange for advertisement.  As always, all opinions are our own.

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January 6, 2019

The ‘Parenting Hack’ that Changed Everything

Before I share my greatest parenting hack –I need to share some experiences I’ve had, that I believe are experienced by many parents.

I have a bookshelf filled with texts from doctors and nurses, parenting experts, sleep consultants, nutrition gurus and everything in between. I have read through all of these books as well as countless blogs, websites, lists, brochures – you name it. For more than a year I read these at all hours of the day and night – and I continue to do so every time I feel a little lost (which happens quite a bit as a new parent). Read more

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December 23, 2018


I love pretty much everything about Christmas. Nothing makes me happier than cranking the tunes, drinking hot chocolate and watching pretty lights dance their lovely dance.

Classics are my fave and my kids have actually latched on to those as well. The new songs from Sia are super fun too though so I asked my kids their favourites and voila we’ve got a dancy, fun way to get in the holiday spirit. Pop on this playlist while baking, decorating or even making supper and groove along with your kiddos!

Happy Holiday’s!

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December 19, 2018

5 Things You Can Do on Christmas Day

Many Albertans do not partake in the Christmas festivities for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason may be, you may find yourself with little or nothing to do. It seems like the whole world stops for 2 days; Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So what can you do with your family? Rather than get cabin fever from being stuck at home, here are some ideas for things you can do during Christmas:

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