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May 20, 2019

I Left On a Solo Trip and Nothing Happened

This week I got to go to Quebec on an amazing holiday with Chevrolet Canada. It was everything a solo trip should be. Carefree, I got to meet some amazing people, and I ate all the food.

Chateau Frontenac

Meal of choice when solo dining

Photo: Lucas Scarfone Photography

Photo: Lucas Scarfone Photography

We got to leisurely drive the new Chevrolet Blazer through rural Quebec and participate in traditional activities like making paper while learning more about the history of the region. The new Blazer looks amazing with it’s bold exterior, the technology is state of the art (the navigation got us out of a jam when the road we needed to be on was covered in fallen trees because of a storm), and even the base model was so well equipped. Plus it was a lot of fun to drive!

Photo: Lucas Scarfone Photography

Photo: Lucas Scarfone Photography

Photo: Lucas Scarfone Photography

Photo: Lucas Scarfone Photography

Photo: Lucas Scarfone Photography

While I was gone for the 5 days I didn’t worry about the kids once because guess what? Dads are parents too.

They are not babysitting.

They know they have to feed the kids every day.

They know that they have to get them to school and that they need to be fully clothed.

They know there are music classes, sports, and other activities to get them too.

They know all of these things.

They just may not do things the same way as us as mothers so we worry. We set them up for disaster by micro managing from afar. We call and check in because we miss our babies and we ask if they have been eating ok? How are their poops? Are they reading enough? Is the homework done? What has screen time been like? How many times a day are they hearing words of encouragement?

I’m not kidding. I have heard all of these conversations from Moms away from their kids. Especially the poop thing. Why as Mother’s are we so invested in another humans poop? But that’s a whole other blog post.

Now during these five days away did the boys eat a vegetable every meal? Probably not. But my husband works full time and the boys are in the thick of baseball and lacrosse right now so meals, even when I am home, are a little off these past couple of weeks. Did they wear what I think they should have worn to school every day? Again probably not but dealing with a picky 7 year old that hates buttons on his pants means picking your battles. Did they get some extra screen time? Probably. But my husband knows how obsessed our 10 year old is with Pokemon right now so they had a boys night and went to see the new movie even though it was a school night. But guess what was the first thing the boys wanted to talk to me about was? How cool Dad is that he took them to a movie on a school night. They are creating these memories and spending time together while I am away.

Of course I helped as much as I could before I left by stocking up on groceries so he wouldn’t have to do that on top of everything else in their busy week. I made sure the laundry was done and bathrooms were clean. I made lunches for the first day I was gone the night before to make their morning easier. Little things to help out.

But I didn’t worry. It was 5 days. He is an amazing Dad and the boys love when they get one on one time with him. I came back home late this weekend, hung out with the kids for a bit because they stayed up to see me and sent them to bed after hearing all about the cool things they did with Dad. We put them to bed then I sat and enjoyed a cocktail my husband made me and listened to his stories about how cool a crock-pot was to use while I was gone.


Box Social Event PlanningDeanne Ferguson is the owner of Box Social Event Planning. When she is not planning fun, family, friendly events she is finding the yummiest food for the Edmonton Home and Garden Show Food Stage. She loves her #cocktailMonday dates with her husband and chasing around her two boys. You can find her at @DeanneFerguson on Instagram and @BoxSocialYEG on Twitter. Deanne was invited by Chevrolet Canada to participate in this event. All opinions however are her own. 

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May 10, 2019

What is the best age to travel with baby?

Is traveling with a baby hard?

If you’re a new parent, thinking about traveling with a newborn or infant is probably the furthest thing from your mind. Many new parents assume their days of travel will be put on hold when the baby arrives. Obviously, there are many reasons for this, with the major ones being the amount of care and attention a baby needs! Any parent can attest that the sleepless nights, endless diapers and mammoth amount of gear that a baby requires are enough to make taking a holiday to seem like an unattainable dream.

Of course, there are many other reasons why new parents will put travel on hold, and not everyone is in the position to take their baby and fly off to an exotic destination! But for those of you who believe that taking a baby on a trip is too hard, there is hope!

If you are thinking about going on a vacation with your baby, you are likely wondering what the easiest age to travel is. After all, babies change so quickly! Every day, week and month bring many developmental milestones, so to pinpoint the perfect time to travel can make your trip much more relaxed!

So, what is the best age to travel with an infant?

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May 8, 2019

The Butterfly Effect

This is not an easy post for me to write, but in light of recent events, I feel compelled to share a part of my story and some of my coping mechanisms…. So here goes. I’ve been described by some people, as a person who has a lot on her plate. They’re not wrong, it is a lot to juggle.Taking care of two young boys, caring for a mother who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and early onset dementia,managing the household and having 2 bigger dogs to contend with, holding down a job ( or sometimes 2 jobs) and having a husband that works in and out of town does have me mentally and physically exhausted at times. My emotions get the best of me. 

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Beyond The Books – 5 Ways To Utilize Your Library

I LOVE the library.

Give me a room full of thrillers, adventures, self-betterment, romance – you can go anywhere in a library! A while back I found out there is a lot more to my little library card than paper books, magazines, movies and cds to take home. I just had to share.

ME Libraries

With my FREE EPL card I have access to 9 Libraries across Alberta via the ME Libraries website. Why would that come in handy? Well, for example, I reside in Edmonton BUT have joined the St. Albert library. They have Pre-Loaded Audiobooks – my EPL doesn’t. These come in handy on flights, long drives etc. You just plug in your headphones and voila! Great for kids too. This access can also come in handy if you’re on vacation somewhere in Alberta! You can visit the library, take out a few things and return them before you head home. I’m sure there is a plethora of other ways this comes in handy!

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April 27, 2019

Get Outside and Walk

Walk anyone?

We recently shared a blog about Edmonton’s River Valley being the best running spot in Canada.

Now, maybe you don’t run but what about a walk?

I’ve been making a habit of going for a walk with a friend every weekend I can. Alberta is an hiking, walking, running playground. We’ve even got some suggestions for you here.

Here’s why I head outside – with a friend!

  • Ummm nature is beautiful.
  • Sunshine and fresh air are good for you!
  • Exercise! Walking will lower your risk of heart disease and stroke – Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada  
  • I sleep better – probably both the fresh air and the exercise!
  • It’s FREE….well, we do usually buy a cup of joe to take with us.
  • It is good for my emotional well being. We spend the whole time talking, venting, catching up – it feels like a form of therapy.

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Tips for Being a Great Ally to Your Muslim Co-workers/Friends During Ramadan

The beauty of our great province of Alberta is most evident in the diversity and uniqueness of Albertans. Albertans come from all corners of the Earth. They come from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

On May 6th, over 115,000 Muslim Albertans will be observing the Holy Month of Ramadan. This is a month of heightened spirituality which includes prayer, reading Qur’an, fasting and giving charity. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dusk to dawn. A total of about 19 hours. This means Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, intimacy and worldly desires during those hours.  Also, Muslims are expected to control their tempers and behaviors.

If you want to be a good Ally, Ramadan is a great time to start.  As you can imagine, fasting such long hours can take a toll on your co-workers. Although they will do their best to maintain their work, their energy and their friendly personality they may need a little support from you. So how can you support your Muslim Coworkers? Here are some pointers to help you out.

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Alberta Campsite Reviews

Camping at Red Lodge Provincial Park

Camping season is coming! If you are a camper or want to try it this summer, now is the time to start planning. Though April may seem like it’s early to get booking campsites you will find that many fill up very quickly in advance. The Alberta Mamas love to camp, well, most of us. During May, June, July, August and sometimes September you will find us trekking around Alberta with our families in tow in the great outdoors.

It can be difficult to choose a campsite. Common questions like “are there flush toilets?” “is the lake swimmable?” “do they have activities for kids?” “can I get a site with power?” and “what do the sites actually look like?” come to mind. We’ve compiled a list of campsites in Alberta that we have personally reviewed to make things easier for you!

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Beer Tours in Alberta

Alberta is BREWING (haha puns) over with craft breweries across the province. You may have heard of some of the bigger ones such as Yellowhead Brewery, Alley Cat or Grisly Paw, but there are hundreds of microbreweries making tasty delicious beer. There are now “…more than 125 existing and pending licenses” for independent craft brewers in Alberta.


“Alberta farmers grow some of the world’s most sought after barley and agricultural products. It only makes sense to grow the brewing industry right here and support good jobs from grain to glass,” said Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci


It would take a LONG time to track all these breweries down and taste the hoppy goodness, and thus enter in brewery tours. Brewery tours will take you to about 3-4 breweries and you’ll get the chance to talk to the brewmaster and sample some of the best of Alberta.

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