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June 23, 2018

Getting Ready To Fly With My Kids

In getting ready to fly with my kids when we head to Disneyland in September I reached out to some of my seasoned traveller friends. I am NERVOUS! This is our first time flying with the kids. Hubs and I both discussed not wanting to be those people with kids that are crying, won’t sit still or just generally crazy when we fly. At 8 and 6 I’m hoping it will be easier than when they were smaller but what’s that they say, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”

My friend Allison & I got to talking. Allison wrote our very first contributor post and has been a great source of advice for me!

Here are three things that have worked for her when she has to fly with her kids. Yes, I made notes! 🙂

Utilize your library

Allison told me about a super fun audiobook format called the Playaway. You just plug headphones into the “book” and away you go. Now, I have my Edmonton Public Library card handy and took a look but they don’t carry this format. However, the helpful librarian pointed me to which, with my EPL card, gave me access to St. Albert Public Libraries, where Allison had gotten hers from. Who knew? You can actually join 8 other libraries all around Alberta including Calgary and Wood Buffalo, but I digress. There is of course getting yourself the old fashioned CD player and audio CD’s or the new fangled way, Hoopla and any tablet or old phone. Voila! Last but not least, the actual book for the kids who are old enough to read. A plethora of awesome assistance for entertaining your kids from the Library!

*tip* If you suspect both kids might want to listen to same thing at the same time bring along a splitter!

Obviously, take special care with items from your library. You don’t want to be paying for missing things when you get back! 

The Dollarstore is your friend

You’re already spending a bunch of money on the trip. If you’ve gotta put some things together for the kids, you might as well go where it won’t break the bank. Activity books for one thing. There’s a lot of great options and if your kid goes through the whole thing on the trip there – NBD – you recycle it where you land and one less thing to bring back with you. Fill up a ziploc bag with string, stickers, modelling clay, coloured & white paper, markers, pens, and tape. Allison tells me that I’ll be amazed by what they create.

Keep your eyes open

During the months leading up to the trip, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for things. Chirp magazines for example are great time passer. When I head to LovePizza I’ll be letting the kids share one of the wikki stick packs they get with their kids cut and stashing the other for the trip. Extra trips to LovePizza? Don’t mind if we do! In all seriousness, there are often things you can snag or keep from dining out with kids. I’ll also be looking around for the pattern tape to add to their creativity bag too – or anything else I see that might spark their creativity.

We don’t have super long flights, and we have a stop over which I’m hoping will actually help them stretch their legs – less time cooped up. I know they’ll get hungry too so I’ll have to make sure I have some snacks handy of course. I’m so grateful to have friends who can give me ideas and tips to make this nervous mom just a little less so!

AM Community, have you got any other tips for me?

Edmonton's Child

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June 15, 2018

Discovering My “Weaknesses”

Have you ever done one of those personality tests?

A while ago I did the 16 Personalities Test  and it was terrifyingly accurate. Well, other than it saying I should have been a nurse or a teacher. Blood grosses me out and I’m just going to be honest here, sometimes, other peoples kids make me crazy. This will be a discussion about “weaknesses” but try not to think of that as a purely negative term.

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June 11, 2018

The Best Father’s Day Gift I Ever Got

By Rob Burtt

I will never forget the birth of my first child. It’s not that the latter two births were less significant, it’s just that the first was such a surreal and sobering experience. I remember this  6 lb. 3 oz. little girl meeting the world for the first time. I recall having her bundled up little body placed into my arms and thinking “Wow, I’m a Dad.”

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9 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Summer in Alberta

I’ll be working full time so I’ll be squeezing every last drop out of my Alberta summer weekends. Here’s what I’m most excited to experience this summer in Alberta.

The Road Trip

Is there anything better than packing up your wheels, stopping for snacks and hitting the open road? Yes, yes there is. It’s called re-living your childhood. One of my earliest memories is playing cards in my grandparents motor home, road trekking through Alberta, to the States into Mexico. Hanging out, while you watch the landscape race by. Snacking, gaming, talking – the journey more important than the destination. The in-laws bought a small motor home and they’re letting us borrow it – squeee!

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May 25, 2018

Tenting at Garner Lake Provincial Park

By Allison Hopkins

Our first camping trip of 2016 was a two night weekend tenting at Garner Lake Provincial Park. We had gorgeous weather {ironically this mid June camping trip was our best weather weekend of our entire camping season!}. The rest of the summer was hit and miss weather with lots of rainy camping trips for us. Every year we pick a campground north of Edmonton that is new to us. that year, Garner Lake Provincial Park was our choice.

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May 21, 2018

Book Review – How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

By Leah Ison

“The first rule is that you don’t fall in love, ‘ he said… ‘There are other rules too, but that is the main one. No falling in love. No staying in love. No daydreaming of love. If you stick to this you will just about be okay.”

There have been many stories about the curse of time that have sparked the romantic in me. The Time Traveler’s Wife, Winter’s Tale and Outlander to name a few. When I came across How to Stop Time, I immediately grabbed it, not just for it’s whimsical cover, but for the excitement of possibly finding a book that will pull me away from my own curse of time as a work-at-home-mom. Take me away, I demanded!

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The One-of-a-Kind International Children’s Festival of the Arts is Coming + {Giveaway}

The International Children’s Festival of the Arts: Stories Alive is a one-of-a-kind kids experience that happens right here in Alberta. St. Albert, Alberta to be exact! This annual cultural extravaganza is happening Tuesday, May 29 through Sunday, June 3, 2018.

There’s no shortage of fun at this festival!

Photo Russell Bingham

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May 17, 2018

DIY Mobile: Multiculturalism in Motherhood through Exploration and Creation

By Gabriela Tellier

Like many Alberta mamas, I am an immigrant mother. I arrived in Edmonton when I was 17 years old and was welcomed to a beautiful city, to a beautiful province and country, that I now call home. Today, I am the mother of two young children and am privileged to introduce to them the culture of their homeland, as well as that of their mother’s. My children are Canadian, and they are also Peruvian.

We recently celebrated Canada Day, a day that is very special for all Canadians, those who were born here, and those who arrived later in life. Inspired by that, I share this DIY. As a mother raising bicultural children, I am always looking for creative and fun ways to teach my children about both cultures. By getting the kids outside to explore, and making art together, I embrace multiculturalism in motherhood and honor the land that gave a home to my children and to the culture that came before them.

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May 11, 2018

Ramadan 101

By Mona Ismaeil

The time has come when you may find yourself in those awkward situations where you offer your colleague something to eat or drink and they say they are fasting! Ramadan is near! It doesn’t have to be awkward! Here is what you need to know about Ramadan and your workplace:

What is Ramadan?

The Holy month of Ramadan is a very spiritual month for Muslims around the world. For 30 days, Muslims will refrain from food, drink, smoking and spousal relations from sunrise to sun set. Between these hours, Muslims fast. Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.  There are a number of reasons Muslim fast during Ramadan. The first is that it shows devotion to Allah (God). Secondly, during periods of fasting there is a heightened spirituality and closeness to God. The time of the year includes more prayers, reading of the Holy Qur’an and gathering in remembrance of God.  Next, Muslims practice self-control and finally there is a recognition of the many blessings we are granted. At the end of Ramadan, Muslims are required to give a percentage of their wealth to those in need in an act of charity.

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