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The What’s for Dinner Nightmare (+ Simply Supper Giveaway!)

Meal prepping with Simply Supper

It’s 4pm, you are trying to get all the things from your to do list done in the last hour of the “work day” while shuttling children back and forth to sports and playdates. Then, you get the call, “what’s for dinner tonight?”. Ahhhhh! This is the thing nightmares are made of. Planning dinner every. single. night. Who else is with me on feeling the burden of this chore?

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Turkey Leftovers: Make a Festive Poutine!

Turkey Leftovers

The girls and I roasted a big beautiful Alberta Turkey a few nights ago! We intentionally got a bigger bird than needed so that we all had plenty of yummy leftovers to take home- basically a #momwin. I decided to try a quick weeknight creation with our turkey leftovers and made a Canadian comfort food dish, poutine! Check out the recipe below…

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Tips For Parents Of Picky Eaters

The meal time struggle is real.

No matter what you make, bake, cook, or blend there is always someone at the table that is less than impressed with what is for supper. And for some reason it is always supper at our house that is the struggle. The boys go through phases of picky eating and being more adventurous it seems which also throws me for a loop. One day they just want plain noodles and chicken fingers and the next they are shocking you and eating a plate of fish (after 10 years of me coaxing, offering, trying, fighting, bribing… you get the idea) and liking it.

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Farmers Market Salad


August is halfway done which means Farmers Markets (and maybe even your own garden!) are bursting with fresh, delicious produce. But what should you do with all these veggies once you bring them home? We’ve made the easiest salad using all market ingredients with a dressing so easy we guarantee you already have everything you need in your pantry. Not only is this recipe easy, it keeps in the fridge for a while making it the perfect make-ahead meal for BBQ’s, work lunches, and picnics in the park.

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Camping Meals Made Easy with Simply Supper!

Camping meals made easy

Camping prep can be super time consuming. Just off the top of my head there’s packing enough clothes to suit Alberta’s unpredictable weather, bedding, toys, pots and pans, bikes, air mattresses, drinks, ice, first aid supplies, and all the outdoorsy gear…. sometimes I feel like we take the entire house with us! Our first camping weekend of the year was easy peasy though, because we didn’t have to worry about all the camping meals….. we tried Simply Supper meals for the entire weekend and it was fantastic! Read more

5 Recipes to Celebrate National Pecan Day

I have a love hate relationship with the pecan. It was with this nut that we discovered my daughter had a slight tree nut allergy (which she has since grown out of thankfully) and that was scary! BUT then well, Turtle Chocolates – YUM!

Did you know that this nut is a plant based source of protein? Not to mention manganese and copper, which according to are critical minerals for growth and metabolism. There are lots of reasons to eat Pecans – if you’re not allergic – so why not celebrate the day by cooking up something yummy.

Here are 5 recipes I found that look so good, I might even consider spending time in the kitchen to make!

  1. Pecan Sticky Buns. I’m a BIG fan of cinnamon buns, especially the messy kind. This recipe from look messy and delish.
  2. This Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake from one of our founders, features the fantastic pecan!  
  3. On the lighter fare side of things, adding Pecan’s to salad is a delightful touch. has a Cranberry Pecan Salad with Feta Cheese recipe that makes my mouth positively water!
  4. snazes up your Salmon with this Pecan Crusted Salmon.
  5. Lastly, where would we be without something Turtle inspired? has an Easy Turtle Cheesecake – which includes 3 of my favourite food related words. 😉

Obviously, it doesn’t have to be a special day to cook or bake with pecans but I’ll take any excuse to eat cheesecake! Anyone want to bake some and bring it over?

Do you love pecans? Link your favourite recipes in the comments!

Edmonton's Child

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

February 1 to 28

The 7th annual YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is back starting February  1st. Participating cafes and restaurants around Calgary will be serving signature hot chocolate recipes and YOU get to vote for your favourite!

Drinking hot chocolate around the city isn’t the only good thing about this festival, the best part is that proceeds from the purchase of hot chocolate are donated to the Calgary Meals on Wheels.

Jennifer Pallian

Ready to get your hot chocolate on? Here is the list (in no particular order) of the participating restaurants and cafes for YYC Hot Chocolate Fest, and yes, some of the hot chocolates are boozy which means DATE NIGHT (or date Saturday afternoon)!!!! We’ve added an asterisk to the places that have a “spirited” hot chocolate.

  • Utca Chimney Cakes
  • Hexagon Café
  • Regal Cat Café
  • Odyssey Coffeehouse
  • Rosso Coffee Roasters
  • Ollia Macarons & Tea
  • PZA Parlour
  • Euphoria Café
  • Analog Coffee
  • Fairmont Palliser – Oak Room Lounge*
  • Primal Grounds Café
  • TotaliTea
  • NOtaBLE – The Restaurant*
  • The Nash Restaurant & Off Cut Bar
  • Midtown Kitchen & Bar*
  • Paper St*
  • Boxcar Café
  • Higher Ground Café
  • Cornerstone Music Café
  • One18EMPIRE*
  • Yellow Door Bistro*
  • Belle Southern Kitchen + Bar*
  • Pig and Duke
  • Fiasco Gelato
  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters
  • Kaffeeklatsch
  • Oolong Tea House
  • Wave’s Coffee House
  • The Light Cellar
  • Osteria Chef’s Table
  • The Block Kitchen and Lounge
  • Bell’s Bookstore Café
  • Societe Coffee Lounge
  • Ladybug Bakery & Café
  • Lukes Drug Mart
  • Vendome Café*
  • Alforno Bakery & Café
  • Ca’Puccini Café
  • Cucina*
  • Bite – Grocer & Eatery
  • Boogie’s Burgers
  • Yakima Social Kitchen + Bar*
  • Family Squeezed Lemonade/Milk Milk Lemonade
  • Sucre Patisserie and Café
  • Sandstone at the Hyatt*
  • Seasons of Bowness Park*
  • Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria
  • The Cheesecake Café
  • Caffe Artigiano
  • The Main Dish*
  • Cravings Market Restaurant*
  • Sauce Italian Kitchen & Market
  • Blush Lane Organic Market
  • Bridgeland Market
  • The Bean Stop
  • Acadia Recreation Complex
  • The Chocolate Lab
  • Monki Bistro
  • Javino Coffee and Wine*
  • Deane House (which apparently is haunted)
  • River Café
  • The Roasterie
  • Cococo Chocolatiers
  • Bubblemania Café

This is a perfect excuse to grab a hot chocolate with your kids for a good cause. Voting starts soon on the YYC Chocolate Fest website. For more updates, head on over to the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest Facebook Page. 

Celebrate the Season with Simply Supper Fondue – Plus Giveaway

The Alberta Mamas get together once a month to meet and this time we had Simply Supper Fondue! We had so much fun chatting while dipping and tasting all the goodies!

What we loved:

  • Super generous meat servings.
  • You could tell the meat was marinated and seasoned – so tender!
  • The broth was also actually super flavourful too.
  • There was 6 of us eating and plenty of everything to go around.
  • There was something for everyone with all the variety.
  • Everything was pre-portioned and meat was cut into bite sized pieces.
  • Dips – so many and so many different flavours to try! Kept it fun!

And as a side note;

  • Cheese fondue was good just more like a spinach dip than your traditional cheese fondue.
  • We bought a veggie tray to add on even more variety.

The kit we got included Beef Tenderloin, Pork Tenderloin, Chicken and Shrimp, 4 dipping sauces, Spinach & Artichoke Cheese Fondue, Bread, Beef Broth Fondue, apples and potatoes. This Ready to Fondue Package serves 6-8 for $160.

Getting a babysitter is hard enough, never mind on New Years, or really any date night occasion. No prepping involved here – perfect for date night at home!  FYI – December 18th is the last day to order if you want a kit in time for New Years Eve.

They have two locations:

Rabbit Hill Road – South Edmonton

Albany Square – North Edmonton

Let us help you make that date night, or get together happen. Enter to WIN!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Box Social Event Planning

This post was brought to you by Simply Supper. As always, all opinions stated are my own.

Fall Cooking

Work, school, after-school activities, the cool weather coming – it’s all a recipe for mealtime stress. We’ve found some great some great ideas that are sure to be quick, easy and delicious.

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Life Changing Muffin Tin Meals

Lunch in a muffin cup

By Amanda Cook, C.H.N.

I was introduced to muffin tin meals about a year ago and ever since then, I have become addicted to them. Why? Because they are THE EASIEST meal you will ever assemble in your life. I’m serious. It’s all about filling the cups with uncomplicated and whole food. That’s it.

As a busy mother who is currently trying to balance (funny word, right?) being an entrepreneur as well as a full-time mom, all from home… I need meals fast. However, I also need them to be healthy and nutritious.

Enter: Muffin tin meals

From what I have learned by creating muffin tin meals over the last year, is there is some art to making an inviting and healthy meal, one in which your kids will fall in love. A muffin tin meal should be one of variety and a combination of things you know your kids like as well as foods they haven’t yet tried or don’t know if they like. The food in the muffin cups that your child does like, will get them to the table and get them eating. The other food will be sitting there, staring at them, enticing them to give it a try and take a bite.

Here’s a few other reason’s why muffin tin meals work so well:

  1. It separates food, so if kids don’t like their food touching, then it doesn’t unless they decide it does.
  2. Variety! It makes me think of creative ways to full each cup. I never leave an empty cup, always fill it with something.
  3. Presentation: how fun to eat out of a muffin tray instead of a plate!

Muffin tin meals are huge at my house, mostly at lunch. I personally love them because this it’s about using what’s got in my fridge and pantry, already prepared and just needing to be assembled; tapas style. I mean, who doesn’t love tapas?!

Here are some healthy ideas to throw into your muffin tin meals. Be creative!


  • carrots
  • cucumbers
  • snap peas
  • english peas
  • sweet peppers
  • cauliflower popcorn (cauliflower cut up into small bites)
  • broccoli
  • olives
  • sauerkraut: seriously, try it with your kids if you haven’t yet!
  • salsa (for dipping)


  • berries
  • cherries
  • pear slices
  • apple slices
  • dried fruit like apple chips, an apricot or a date


  • hummus: there are some great store brands or you can make large batches of your own like this one or this one.
  • nitrate free, filler free sausages
  • tuna salad
  • salmon salad
  • egg salad
  • leftover roast chicken
  • nuts or seeds
  • chickpeas, nothing fancy, just rinsed and served.
  • an egg, either scrambled or hard boiled


  • pre-cook a batch of your favourite grain and then use that throughout the week. Quinoa and brown rice are our favourites.
  • leftover pasta
  • every kind of seed bread


These ideas are a general guide. Just remember to create a dish that is rich in whole foods because then you’re creating a meal that is really nutrient dense. More nutrients = beautiful childhood and healthy development.

Looking for more ideas? These end-of-the-year school lunch ideas will help keep the kids fed!

Originally posted on More Life.
Amanda is a holistic nutritionist, a busy mama of two and a self taught home cook who is passionate about healthy eating that is gluten, dairy and sugar free. She is a wiz when it comes to knowing her way around a kitchen and who loves figuring out how to make life easier. Amanda loves sharing how to simplify healthy eating and how to have a balanced diet using clean ingredients, nothing fancy or complicated. Amanda is the author of three e-books, teaches cooking classes, works with clients and teaches workshops, sharing the message of health. Learn/Follow more about Amanda here Facebook,  Instagram,