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15+ Family-Friendly Corn Mazes in Alberta (Mapped!)

Corn mazes across Alberta

Updated: September 12, 2023

I don’t when Corn Mazes became such a thing but we are so glad they did! Over the past few years Corn Mazes have popped up everywhere. You can’t go through the Fall season without visiting one with the kids, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ones across Alberta!

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31+ Outdoor Pools In Alberta That You Have To Check Out This Summer

Raymond Outdoor Pool

Updated June 25, 2023

When we go camping, we love checking out activities that are local to the area that we are staying in and that includes checking out some of the best outdoor pools in Alberta! Here are some that you can put on your list!

Are you looking for a CAMPGROUND with a pool? Check out this post: Campgrounds with Pools in Alberta: Plan a Splashing Good Time! All the campgrounds listed are open to the public – you don’t need to have a membership to stay in them.

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Take A Kid To The Course – Kids Golf For Free Across Canada

Take A Kid To The Course

Kids and Youth Under 16 Golf For Free July 2-9, 2023 Across Canada With Take A Kid To The Course

Have you heard about Take A Kid To The Course?

This amazing program starts on July 2nd, 2023 and is available to kids under 16. Aimed at getting kids outside, away from their screens, and making lifetime memories, Take A Kid To The Course allows kids to golf free (often when accompanied by a paying adult, but rules vary by course). Whether you and your family are avid golfers or are just looking to try golfing out the Take a Kid to the Course program is a great way to try golfing with the family and save some money at the same time!

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The Birthday Tradition I Accidentally Started

I used to go BIG for birthdays. That is actually one of the things Box Social Event Planning did when I started the business. We planned parties for parents that wanted that “Pinterest” party but didn’t have time. We would do such elaborate parties that one time we brought 8-foot trees into a play place to create a perfect Woodland Theme.

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Simple Ways to Curate Lasting Memories

Simple Ways to Curate Lasting Memories

At the centre of my childhood were simple experiences rich with texture and wrought with meaning.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that I was able to appreciate the beauty in the simple togetherness my mom wove into the fabric of our family.  Our family didn’t have a lot of money so my mom got creative.  I find myself using many of her ideas with my own children and I enjoy coming up with my own.  Time is the precious gift our children want above all.  Here are some of my favorite memory makers!  I would love to hear about yours.

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9 Activities For Kids That Will Actually Give You a Break

I don’t know about you but winter has been LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG. The kids are starting to feel cooped up and their behavior is reflecting that. We’ve rounded up our favourite ways to entertain the kids and we’ve even rated the activities so you know how long you will have.

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STARS Lottery Needs Our Help

We have all heard of STARS flying int he sky across Alberta to help those around our province having the worst day of their life. We’ve teamed up with STARS to spread the word about their Lottery and how it is helping our friends, families and fellow Albertans.


It’s first helicopter lift off was in 1985 and since then has flown over 36,000 missions.


The moment someone is critically sick or injured, their window for survival narrows with each passing second. Their helicopters span long distances fast and ensure patients begin receiving critical care sooner.


Every STARS helicopter, education unit, and hangar is equipped with the most advanced medical, aviation and training equipment available. This allows them to deliver world-class care.


Their crew of paramedics, nurses and transport physicians receive cutting-edge training to deliver lifesaving care. Their pilots ensure each patient is transported to the hospital in the fastest and safest way possible.

The areas STARS responded to in 2017

Survivors Stories

Casey’s Story

Being in a car crash is scary. When I was six, I was thrown through the windshield of our family car, close to our home. I was on my way to school.

My body was very sore and I had a really bad brain injury. My family was very worried about me. Our house was far away from a big city, so the paramedics knew to call STARS so the helicopter could carry me to hospital quickly. I was in a coma for three weeks and more than 400 people came to visit me.

Today, I am so much better. I go to school where my favourite subject is math. My teachers and my grandmother help me do my school work. I also play lacrosse and bug my brother a lot.

Even though being in a helicopter was cool, I don’t think I want it to happen again. I know that it took a whole bunch of people to save my life and that makes me happy.


You can read all about the amazing people and stories from the STARS website here.


STARS Lottery

March 22nd is the final deadline to get your tickets to support STARS. Not only are you helping them help fellow Albertan’s, but you can win some pretty cool prizes too.

There are homes, vacations, cars and even cash to be won.

The early bird deadline is February 28th


The Bitchin' Housewife

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Family Friendly New Years Eve Events Around Alberta

Happy New Year!

The new year fun doesn’t have to stop once you have kids, it just looks…. different… and happens a lot earlier than midnight (thank goodness).

Hit up some of these mostly FREE family-friendly New Years Eve events across Alberta this New Years and then head home to the warmth of your couch to bring the New Years in with your jammies on and a glass of champagne in hand 🙂 Read more

Shopping Locally in Grande Prairie

We all love the idea of shopping locally, but often we forget how important it is to actually go out there and spend locally! There are so many local businesses in Grande Prairie, but we thought we’d make a list of all the places you can shop locally in Grande Prairie this holiday season.

Spending money in a local business isn’t just about supporting a local family, but it’s good for the economy! It’s known as the Multiplier Effect and Wikipedia can go through the details for you here, but essentially it means that when you spend your money in your community with a locally owned and operated business it circulates the wealth back into your community. It’s a win-win. Really, who doesn’t love their locally owned coffee-shops and boutiques!

In no particular order, here are some places we’ll be shopping this holiday season.


Cute as a Bugs Ear
Address: #104 – 10605 West Side Dr.

What to shop for: Anything kids!

Mini and Kind
Address: Online only

What to shop for: Organic and ethically made baby clothing and toys. We LOVE this little fawn.

What to shop for: ALL the headbands. Every. Single. One.

With Love

Address: 11500 100 St
What to shop for: All you need for the sporty kid (or grownup on your list)

Women’s Clothing

Sole Addiction
Address: 9907 100 Ave
What to shop for: SHOES!!!
Forbes & Friends
Address: 9918a 100 Avenue
What to shop for:  Lots to shop for in this local boutique. Women’s clothes, jewelry, and accessories (unique scarves, bags and even fun rubber boots) as well as lots of gifts for those in your life that love local art.
House of Spades
Address: 9908 100ave
What to shop for: House of Spades carries a more modern line of clothes with brands like Scotch and Soda, Matt and Nat and Wooden Ship Knits.

House of Spades

What to shop for:  Blanket scarves, ponchos and Eliasz and Ella jewelry

Experience Gift Ideas

Art Gallery of Grande Prairie
Address: 9839 103 Avenue #103

What to shop for: Memberships to the art gallery are an inexpensive gift for an art lover or for a unique gift for those that love experiences over things.

 Local Handmade

Fox and Chaos Naturals

What to shop for: Handmade organic bath and beauty products such as bubble bath, lotions and lip balms, perfect for our Northern Albertan climate.

Rustic Little Lamb

What to shop for: Custom homemade signs for your home.

Timber + Gray Design Co.

What to shop for: Fun tees, wooden signs furniture.

Timber and Gray


Chickweed and Clover
Address: RR1 Site 6 Box 19 , Sexsmith Alberta

What to shop for:  Their new product, Wild Rose and Magnesium body butter and spray which may help for a restful sleep.

Fast and Female : Encouraging Girls in Sport

Did you know that girls quit sports at 6 x the rate of boys? I didn’t. Not until I got involved with Fast and Female, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2005 by Olympic Gold Medalist and Canmore native, Chandra Crawford. The organization aims to change the culture for girls in sport and to keep girls happy, healthy, and active in sport through their teens.

The vision for Fast and Female is, “A positive, empowering culture for girls in sport.”

When girls quit sports, they lose out on opportunities to develop life skills that build confidence and empower them for life. Fast and Female believes that when coaches and parents are more supportive, girls feel less pressure to perform, and teammates learn the skills to get along…the sport culture will be FUN, positive, and empowering – and girls won’t feel the need to quit.

When asked what motivates her, Chandra is quick to exclaim,

“I’m totally focused on changing the culture for girls in sports to be more positive and so they don’t quit and miss out on the resilience-building benefits of sport participation. This is not just my passion or purpose in life… it’s my destiny!”

At Fast and Female events, participants ages 8-18 meet inspiring elite female athletes and Olympians (ambassadors); make friends and connections, and learn strategies to overcome barriers to continued participation in sport.

As a former National Team athlete, I think I had always known that barriers existed for girls in sport, but no one really talked about it. Things like girls bullying girls, problematic body image ideals, the pressure to specialize, overtraining, eating disorders, anxiety, and social pressures are all major concerns for girls (and parents of girls) participating in sport. Fast and Female addresses those issues and has had a big impact on the way I think about female participation in sport altogether.

One of the things I have learned during my time at Fast and Female is that role models come in all shapes and sizes and that they are a major factor in motivating girls to dream big and be bold. Whether it’s a mother, big sister, teacher, astronaut, or athlete, a strong female role model can make a profound and lasting impression on a young girl.


Though she never tires of changing culture and promoting positivity, Chandra recently found a little more motivation in a source that hits close to home. When asked how motherhood has changed her outlook at Fast and Female, she replied, “Pardon the expletive, but now that I have a daughter, s**t just got extra real for me and I want so badly for her to have positive sport experiences!” By educating, raising awareness, and changing the culture for girls in sport, Fast and Female is committed to making the sport experience more positive for girls, coaches, and parents alike.

The team works tirelessly to connect thousands of girls across North America with elite female athlete role models, and Chandra remains a strong role model in and out of sport to so many women and girls – including me!

If you’re looking for an inspiring event for a girl you know and love, check out our schedule of upcoming events:

Photo credit “Dave Holland, CSI Calgary”