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Breastfeeding is hard- don’t be hard on yourself (+ Philips Avent Giveaway)

About two months into new motherhood I posted the following to my Facebook;

“Nothing gives you empathy for the modern dairy cow like hooking yourself up to the double breast pump”.

Breastfeeding and pumping CONSUMED my life for Nova’s first six months on this planet. Before I go on – I am going to talk quite a bit about nursing and pumping, but I acknowledge that this is not the road for every mom and baby, and at the end of the day I have written this before – but FED IS BEST. However, I do wear my breastfeeding and pumping hours as a badge of honour. It was hard, painful sometimes, challenging, but also rewarding, connective, and an experience like none other.

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June 5, 2018

Win tickets to celebrate our 1 year anniversay with Alberta Mamas in Edmonton this Saturday

You guys,  we’ve officially passed our one year of Alberta Mamas and boy has it been a fun ride so far!

This past year has provided us with so many great opportunities to work with some amazing companies, we’ve been on the radio and on tv, explored Alberta through many road trips and camping, and so much more.

We’ve also had some AHMAZING contributors here at Alberta Mamas and know that we wouldn’t be where we are because of them! And really that’s why we started this blog, to begin with, to give Alberta parents a place to have a voice! And boy are there lot’s of great voices!

We’re celebrating 1 year!

What fun would celebrating being a year old be without a party?! This Saturday we’re hosting an invite-only birthday party and want to give away some tickets for you to come and celebrate with us too!

  • When: Saturday night, June 9th
  • Where: Downtown Edmonton

So how do you enter?

It’s really easy! Tell us your favourite blog post that you’ve read on Alberta Mamas for a chance to win a pair of tickets. Tickets include a glass of bubbly, snacks, and a chance to get out of the house and party with some great people. The winner will be picked this Thursday!



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May 11, 2018

Moving Out at Seven Months – Or Across the Hallway

We’ve hit an impasse. My partner, our pediatrician, even family members have all brought up the idea that it is time for Nova to move into her own room.

Avent Monitor

Moving Out at Seven Months – Or Across the Hallway

This is a tough issue – many suggest that co-sleeping (same room, separate beds) should happen until 12 months. On the other hand, our own doctor has suggested that Nova’s health, feeding, and capacity for sleep all would do well if she were to be in her own room.

Why am I fighting this? I absolutely could not tell you. You would think that as I lose sleep every night either staring at this beautiful girl or waking up to every small cough or sniffle, I would be pushing the crib out the door myself. In truth, I could have kept her in the bassinette until she was sixteen years old. Once she outgrew the bassinette I asked my partner if he could move it downstairs to storage while I was out doing errands because it brought me to tears that she would no longer be right there.

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April 24, 2018

15 Delicious Summer Salad Recipes To Make For Your Next Barbeque

It’s barbeque season which means a few things! You’re going to need some delicious summer salad recipes to make and it’s time to stock up on the sunscreen and bug spray!

Delicious Summer Salad Recipes

BLT Pasta Salad

Delicious Summer Salad Recipes

All the BLT taste made up into a salad. You’re welcome.

Get the recipe here 

Broccoli Salad

Delicious Summer Salad Recipes

The perfect mix of sweet, creamy, and crunchy wrapped up in one delicious salad. Even your kids will love it.

Get the recipe here 

Pea Salad

Delicious Summer Salad Recipes

Not many pea salads grace the summer barbeque and this one is definitely a game changer. Filled with peas, cauliflower, almonds and more!

Get the recipe here

Sweet Potato Chickpea Salad

Delicious Summer Salad Recipes

If you need a gluten-free and/or vegan salad, this is both and it’s yummy too. Win-Win!

Get the recipe here 

Make Ahead Seven Layer Salad

A delicious summer salad that is perfect for large crowds!

Get the recipe here

Bacon Bowtie Pasta Salad

If you love bacon, you’ll love this pasta salad.

Get the recipe here

The Best Ramen Noodle Salad

Delicious, easy to make in a matter of minutes, and easy on the budget which makes it the perfect potluck salad.

Get the recipe here 

Avacado Chickpea Salad

Packed with protein and delicious, all you need are 5 simple ingredients to make this salad.

Get the recipe here

Amish Macaroni Salad

A twist from the typical macaroni salad, you’ll love the extra-creamy and flavorful sweet dressing!

Get the recipe here

All-American Potato Salad

Summer Salad Recipes

A summer barbeque isn’t complete without a potato salad, and this one just happens to be delicious.

Get the recipe here

Waldorf Salad

This Waldorf is easy to make with a zingy dressing!

Get the recipe here

Amazing Bean Salad Cowboy Caviar

This cold bean salad will be a go-to for your summer barbeques, plus it’s packed full of protein!

Get the recipe here

BBQ Pasta Salad with Tuna

You’ll love the tuna and pasta combination in the creamy and delicious sauce.

Get the recipe here 

Taffy Apple Salad

No barbeque is complete with something sweet, and this taffy apple salad is the perfect addition!

Get the recipe here

Do you have other delicious summer salad recipes that you love? We’d love to hear about them!

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April 11, 2018

Big and Little Things – Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottles with AirFree Vent + Giveaway

Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottles with AirFree Vent

I wish I could put into words the sound I made when my little girl held the bottle the first time. Such an innocuous little moment – but all of a sudden it felt so ferociously independent. A very tiny “Mom – I got this” kind of moment that makes your heart soar and tears well up because your little one DOES NOT SLOW DOWN.

When my little girl was less than a month we had to try and get her to take a bottle, so I could spend the day presenting at a conference (something I agreed to do before having a baby – wow, was I disillusioned). We were very lucky that she adapted pretty quickly, and it didn’t interfere with breastfeeding, and I could easily switch from one to another.

Let me say this – I love nursing (now – the first two months were HARD), but I love it now. However; the freedom that comes with being able to give your baby a bottle is incredible. It might seem small until you are in the trenches of nursing and cluster feeding and turning down every single invitation to leave the house because you fear leaving too long in case your little one needs a nosh.

Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottles with AirFree Vent

If it wasn’t for that conference I probably would have put off trying bottle for a few months – hindsight being what it is, I am so glad we pushed when we did.

Walk into any baby store and you will find a ton of options – all offering a lot of things I didn’t really understand were important. In a very unscientific way I wanted to break down what ended up being important to me and how I found that in the Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottles with AirFree Vent.


This statement is no joke. I spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen cleaning bottles. When you are pumping at least twice a day, as well my little one gets at least two bottles a day (either from daddy, or a grandparent, or even friend who wants to feed her) – it makes for a lot of cleaning. The wide bottle style ensures you aren’t stuck missing those nitty gritty spots, and it helps your bottle brush last a bit longer since it isn’t bending at impossible angles.


I mentioned before that I found breastfeeding hard the first two months. I cannot empathize that enough to new moms – it IS HARD. It is no walk in the park, everything hurts, and I fall into the category of women who really struggled producing enough milk to keep up during growth spurts. Those of you who have been there know – every ounce is like liquid gold. Which means you can only imagine my horror when three ounces of that got knocked over one morning. “No crying over spilled milk” – YEAH RIGHT. I sobbed. The Philips Avent bottles shape sits sturdy on your counter and the wide base means it’s not going all tipsy turvy on you.


They hurt. Oh wait – that’s mine. I meant to talk about bottle nipple shapes. I am someone who has ordered a bunch of different ones, from thin to thick and every shape in between. What I enjoy about the nipple shape on the Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottles with AirFree Vent is that it does mimic my own breast shape. This is important because we nurse, and use bottles every day and there isn’t an issue going back and forth. It is also great because my little girl could fit a whole thin bottle nipple into her mouth and it makes for an awful feeding…and I very much do not want her to be doing the same thing when it comes to me nursing her.


…is how my daughter drinks her breastmilk. We are sticking with the 0+ month nipple, it is wide and easy to clean, recommended for breastmilk AND the Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottles with the AirFree Vent makes a big difference in how fast she consumes her meal. You can actually see the air bubbles that are being stopped before getting to her little mouth – which would inevitably lead to some pretty serious gas.

Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottles with AirFree Vent

It is not an easy decision to go to the bottle, and every mom and dad have their own ideas about when (if ever) is right for them, how they want to incorporate it, and what they put in it. You’re not doing anything wrong taking any route you choose. But look for the little things that might end up making a big difference in your day to day living; things like cleaning, and spillage, and nursing mixed in with bottle feeding.

If you have one of those sweet little babes who can down a bottle faster than you ever imagined – make sure you can keep them a little less uncomfortable when it comes to gas. If you are really struggling with the idea of going to a bottle – know that at the end of the day FED IS BEST. You got this mama!


The truth is that when you’re choosing the products that you are using with your baby, you want to know about the real experiences and why you should trust them. This is why the PTPA Seal of Approval is so important, and even better many of the Philips Avent products have won the PTPA Seal of Approval because their products have been used, tested and reviewed by real parents.


We’ve parntered with Philips Avent to give you the chance to win a Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottles with AirFree Vent Essentials Gift Set. This Gift Set is valued at $87.99 and the contest closes May 6th. Enter below.

Philips Avent April Giveaway

This post was writting by Suzanne Pescod, mama to one little girl as well as Marketing & Communications Director for  and  board member(Capital Awards). Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram

Alberta Mamas is part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Philips Avent and have received compensation as part of our affiliation with this group. All opinions are our own. 

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February 27, 2018

3 Calgary Hotels With Awesome Pools For The Whole Family

Whether you’re travelling to Calgary with kids or planning a staycation finding a hotel with a great swimming pool is important and we’ve picked our top 3 Calgary Hotels with awesome pools, complete with some pretty cool waterslides too!

Calgary Hotels With Awesome Pools

Deer Foot Inn & Casino

A hidden gem that’s for sure! The waterpark at Deer Foot Inn & Casino features a spacious pool with a ‘deeper end’, a shallow little kids pool area, waterslide, and 2 Hot Tubs. You’re going to want to check out this pool that for sure. Local? You can also rent this pool area for birthday parties for $22.95/child with lunch and cake provided.


Calgary Hotels With Awesome Pools

Probably one of the most popular places to stay for families this waterpark is more than 8,000 square feet and features a wading pool and slide for little ones, 2 slides, leisure pool, and 2 hot-tubs. This is also another pool that offers birthday party packages for kids birthday parties for $30/child (taxes and gratuity extra)

Sheraton Cavalier 

Calgary Hotels With Awesome Pools

This waterpark is 3,000 sq feet of fun for the whole family complete with 2 waterslides, a swimming pool, kiddie pool, 2 hot tubs, and a sauna. No need to leave the area for lunch or a drink because this area also has a snack bar with food and drink (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) and lots of places to sit too.

Do you know of other Calgary Hotels with awesome pools? Comment below and let us know!

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February 20, 2018

Where to eat with kids in Calgary – Belmont Diner

This past weekend we road tripped to Calgary for a weekend full of waterslides, good food, and some much-needed family time.

Where to eat with kids in Calgary – Belmont Diner

One of the places that were on my list to check out was Belmont Diner, a small diner located in Marda Loop. Offering all-day breakfast as well as a lunch menu, I had read about their pancake art (which of course I knew would blow my kid’s minds and mine too) and their delicious breakfasts so on our last morning in Calgary we headed there.

The wait to be seated was 45 minutes, which I knew because I had read it online and also because we needed a booth – mainly to contain our 2-year-old. A thing to remember is that you are your own hostess – and you need to add your name to the clipboard hanging at the front.

The front area is small so there is not a lot of room to stand inside to wait, but there is a gazebo/waiting area outside with complimentary coffee and hot chocolate for the brave souls that know their wait will be rewarded with delicious food.

Belmont Diner outside

Once seated we knew what we wanted – a traditional breakfast for both Kris and I and all of the kids wanted some pancakes! With an open kitchen concept, food is made to order and ours arrived at our table piping hot brought to us by the pancake artist himself. In fact, the waitresses and cooks were all synchronized and worked together beautifully.

Belmont Diner Dog

Belmont Diner

Belmont Diner

Each of the kids had requested a different character for pancake, Finley a dog, Sophie “something like My Little Pony”, and Carter a Cheetah. Minds were blown and the pancakes were delicious and huge.

Generally when we go out to eat Kris turns into Gordon Ramsay and critiques everything – not enough pepper, too cold, bland, etc etc.. but not with this meal  He’s a foodie and comes by it honestly. This, however, was a different tune and as I am writing this he is still talking about how his meal was hot until the end (is it magic? that doesn’t normally happen while eating our with 3 kids).

Belmont Diner Traditional Breakfast

The hashbrowns perfectly seasoned, eggs cooked perfectly and coffee topped up when needed and I am pretty sure our new go-to every time we visit Calgary.

You can find Belmont Diner at 2008 33rd Ave. S.W. , hours of operation are Mon – Fri 7 am – 3 pm and Sat-Sun 7 am – 4 pm.  Parking is available behind the restaurant.

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January 30, 2018

Go Ice Fishing For Free: Alberta Family Fishing Weekend Feb 17th-19th

Alberta Family Fishing Weekend

Ice fishing, it’s a great way to spend time with the family and best of all during Alberta Family Fishing Weekend, it’s free- meaning no fishing license is required.

Alberta Family Fishing Weekend

Alberta Family Fishing Weekend

Taking place February 17th-19th Albertans (and those visiting our awesome province during this time) are invited to give fishing a try on waterbodies with open fishing seasons all across Alberta.

With over 300 stocked waterbodies for anglers to enjoy, they are stocked annually with rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout or tiger trout.

Want to know where to go?  Some great places include:

  • Gull Lake
  • Wabamun Lake
  • Lake Isle
  • Sylvan Lake
  • Calling Lake
  • Ghost Lake
  • Cold Lake

You can also download the iFish Alberta app for $6.99!

So what are you waiting for? Pack your tackle boxes, warm clothes, hot drinks and grab your fishing rods because this fun family activity is worth it!

**Regular fishing regulations still apply (you can read them here

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January 24, 2018

Never Ever Days: A chance to try Skiing & Snowboarding on the cheap

Never Ever Days Alberta

I haven’t been skiing or even to a ski hill for or over 20 years. There are however days where I think it would be fun to try it again – but the price tag that comes along with it (for something I may not like) isn’t something that I am willing to shell out for…

Never Ever Days Alberta

However, as I was scouring the internet one day I came across information about Never Ever Days. These are for anyone who’s ever considered trying skiing or snowboarding and it’s just $25 (+tax). This ultimate beginners package includes everything you need – equipment rental, beginner lift ticket, and a lesson. The best part is that Never Ever Days has 15 ski areas in Alberta and over 80 across Canada.

Locations for Never Ever Days in Alberta

  • Castle Mountain Resort – Pincher Creek
  • Hidden Valley Ski Resort –  Elkwater
  • Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort –  Cold Lake
  • Lake Louise Ski Resort –  Lake Louise
  • Long Lake Ski Hill –  Thorhild
  • Misery Mountain Ski Area –  Peace River
  • Mt Norquay –  Banff
  • Nakiska Ski Resort –  Kananaskis
  • Nitehawk Year-round Adventure Park – Grande Prairie
  • Pass Powderkeg Ski Resort – Coleman
  • Rabbit Hill Snow Resort –  Leduc County
  • Ski Marmot Basin –  Jasper
  • Snow Valley Ski Club –  Edmonton
  • Sunshine Village –  Banff
  • Valley Ski Hill – Alliance

How to register

Spots for Never Ever Days need to be booked online and are on a first come first serve basis. Different ski areas have different dates available and anyone age 9 and above can register. To see what dates are available for ski areas in Alberta as well as ski areas across Canada check out the Ski Canada website here.

Have you tried out Never Ever Days? Did you like it? Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.



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