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Who doesn’t love a good snack?

Did you know February is National Snack Food Month?

When we saw this we got to thinking about snacks we haven’t had since we were kids. Snacks nowadays usually consist of something to do with cheese or bread with us. Snacks like nachos, crackers and cheese, chocolate, and usually some vino to accompany it. 

Let’s take a trip down snack time memory lane! 

Wagon Wheels

These just don’t taste the same to us. I know kids who like them but no adults – do you still like Wagon Wheels?


Do they still make these?


Hard to believe that a drink with small floating balls was so popular but we loved it. 

Viva Puffs

A very special childhood treat for one of our mamas. 

Buttered Rum Lifesavers

A friend recently brought some of these back from the states. Gosh, so yummy! I didn’t think they sold them in Canada anymore but a friend found some at a specialty candy store. Yay! 

Are there are snacks from your child hood that you miss?

Is there one snack that is your go to? 

Looking for some ways to make your favourite snacks healthy? Check out Contributor Brittnay’s post here for some great ideas! 

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